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Adelaide company Biocasa have the vision to do no harm to the environment and support the planet by seeking solutions to the environmental plastic waste crisis. Offering a range of sustainable products including toys, food wraps and zero waste home and lifestyle products, Biocasa want to help other families along the journey to a greater sustainability.

Founder of  this eco-friendly Adelaide business Valentina and her family have always been strong supporters of recycling practices but few years ago realised just how much plastic is around us and how little of it is even recyclable.

As a family we slowly started detoxing our home from products that were creating unnecessary waste and then searched for the best eco-friendly alternatives the world over – Valentina, Biocasa Founder

This included switching to plastic-free and organic deodorants, facial soaps and solid shampoo bars, choosing compostable loofah sponges and bamboo kitchen scrubbers, and changing to laundry detergent strips and wool dryer balls to wash clothes in an eco-friendlier way. These are all small and effective changes when implemented over time, but have a lasting effect on the amount of waste a household produces.

Having extensively researched and tested many products and finding sustainable alternatives they truly loved and believed in, they created Biocasa to help other families like theirs along the journey to a greater sustainability.

beeswax wrap

What makes Biocasa products unique?

Bicasa focuses on products that are 100% home compostable, packaging included, in an effort to live by the company motto of Leave Nothing Behind. 95% of the products you’ll find at Biocasa are a true zero-waste solution, with the exception of a small amount in recyclable glass jars.

It was important to the team that they sell products that actually work and adapt to the busy lifestyles of families, so every product has been extensively tried and tested before import. Biocasa understand firsthand that being eco-friendly shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice convenience and effectiveness.

biocasa eco friendly dish washing block

If you’re looking to change out some products to improve the sustainability of your family’s lifestyle, the types of eco-friendly and zero waste products you can buy at Biocasa include:

  • Bees wax food wraps
  • Compostable cling wrap
  • Organic skincare
  • Shampoo bars
  • Produce bags
  • Dishwashing blocks, scrubbers and compostable sponges
  • Laundry detergent strips


biocasa eco friendly food wraps

What is our Biocasa top pick for families?

Biocasa strives to help families reduce their footprint and waste across personal care and home products including baby care, body care, haircare, cooking and cleaning products, offering eco friendly alternatives that will suit all areas of your lifestyle.

One of our top picks of Biocasa products for families is Adventerra Games. This unique collection of boardgames centred around sustainability themes like saving water, recycling, and eating in season is currently the only set of sustainability teaching games available in Australia.

adventerra games

Complete with memory games, puzzles and more complex boardgames, this collection is great tool for increasing your children’s awareness of environmental themes helping them grow into better adults who are respectful of other people, animals and the planet on which we all live.

adventerra games australia

The collection currently includes 10 different games available, suitable for all ages between Kindergarten and Year 12, and are 100% plastic free and recyclable.

Adventerra Games are are exclusively available in Australia at Biocasa:

Find more eco friendly products for a sustainable life at Biocasa:

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