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Joep Beving | Hermetism

Dutch pianist Joep Beving’s Hermetism, intricately crafted with the artistic vision of Boris Acket, weaves together deeply evocative piano melodies with captivating, dynamic light installations. This groundbreaking performance introduces the audience to two central elements: “the source” and “the balance.” These innovative installations offer more than visual appeal; they serve as a profound examination of the intricate connections between light and sound, challenging the audience’s perceptions and inviting them to partake in a collective sensory exploration.

By seamlessly merging Beving’s introspective piano work with Acket’s moving kinetic sculptures, Hermetism redefines the boundaries of traditional musical performances. It unveils a rich, multi-sensory narrative that spans the spectrum of energy and transformation, delving into the duality of existence. This performance encourages audiences to engage in deep reflection on the universal laws that govern Hermetism, illuminated through the delicate interplay of light and shadow.

Hermetism stands as a testament to the power of artistic collaboration, creating a space where music and visual art converge to spark wonder and introspection. It’s an immersive experience designed to engage the senses fully, challenging viewers to see beyond the surface and immerse themselves in the profound beauty and complexity of the artistic narrative presented.

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre in association with Illuminate Adelaide.

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18 Jul 24


8:00 am


Her Majesty's Theatre
58 Grote Street, Adelaide


Adelaide Festival Centre

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