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Life With Love: Teresa Palmer and Christiane Duigan

Christiane Duigan and Teresa Palmer are goals in every sense of the word; mama goals, friendship goals, entrepreneur goals, wellness goals. These two beautiful ladies are earth mamas, friends and now business partners as they prepare to launch L O V E W E L L; their wellness brand that they have poured so much love and hard work into, behind the scenes, for the past year. Their synergy is evident and their passion infectious. What I love most, is that with both of them, what you see is what you get. They are two of the sweetest, softest, kindest, nurturing humans on the face of the earth and watching them as mamas is watching poetry in motion. And they practice what they preach, truly living healthy, whole, plentiful lives reflecting their ethos that health and wellness begins from within. Adelaide born and bred, both ladies have spent considerable time away building their careers and families – Christiane in Sydney and London and Teresa in Los Angeles, but now they each split their time with the majority of it in Adelaide, which will always be home. Raising their gorgeous tribe of children, it is evident that family comes first, and wellness is a priority for their families. Being the epitome of wellness, their philosophy is healing from the earth and we are so excited that they are sharing their knowledge and expertise with the launch of L O V E W E L L (coming in May); their plant based, natural, nutrient dense, delicious, fair trade supplements for both mama (and dadas!); BLOSSOM and child; GROW. Their products will be available at a very accessible price point, without comprising quality (insert hands in the air emoji here!), they’ve had the tick of approval from their little loves and their hilarious husbands (check out their rap on Instagram to see what I’m talking about!) are without a doubt their biggest fans. And, a after getting to have a sneaky little taste – I can tell you firsthand that you’re about to become obsessed, I’ve never tasted a protein / nutrient powder like it, it’s seriously delish and so good simply mixed with water – and when combined with your favourite ingredients into a smoothie, it will blow your mind and your tastebuds. Their website – launching soon – is a mecca of wellness, so head on over to (yes, .EARTH not .COM – how cool is that) and sign up to be the first in the know when pre-orders are open and products are dropping; they are starting with a limited run so take my word for it – you really don’t want to miss out. And follow them on Instagram ( for all the behind-the-scenes goodness, wellness information, product insight… and let’s be honest, alllllll the cuteness from their little tribe. What do you love most about being a mum and how has it changed you? CD: From a very young age, I always knew my life purpose was to be a mum. I had no career goals as such, it was always to be a mum. So for a while I worked as a nanny, babysat and worked at an after school care with kids to surround myself and practice and for me, being a mum has been the most fulfilling thing in my life and is what makes me the happiest. TP: Pretty much the same! I feel the same way, I’ve always had such a strong pull towards motherhood and anyone who knows me well knows that my greatest desire was to be a mother. What I love most about it? It’s really hard to pinpoint any one thing but just nurturing these beautiful little souls and watching them blossom into the people that they are and creating the space for them to explore their world and their environment and grow into the little spirits that they are. Everything in my life is richer because I am a mother. It’s my greatest joy and as Mark says, I’m addicted to having babies so I may end up as a mum to an entire tribe of children but that would make me incredibly happy. CD: It has changed my lifestyle, nothing does prepare you for the shock of having kids and multiple children because it does change your priorities and what you want for life. My perfect dream day pre-kids was very different to now, now it’s about the simple things. Now it’s spending time with the kids, doing family things with friends, having all the kids running around while we’re in the sunshine at the beach, it has changed priorities. What is your approach to motherhood and parenting? CD: I very much learnt along the way and tried to figure it out by making mistakes, until I got tired of yelling at my kids all the time, I didn’t like the person I became because it was a constant argument and that’s when I turned to a lot of parenting podcasts and books to find a more respectful way of parenting to get better results by tweaking simple things such as language and understanding the psychology of the kids and why they do what they do. It allows you to make a more calm, informed response rather than a heated reaction to a situation. TP: I’m pretty chilled and laid back, I definitely have gentle boundaries in place with the kids but I’m one of those parents that is go with the flow, not regimented. I don’t have a specific routine, I meet their needs when the need arises each day. Every day might look a little bit different and that’s ok. We try to have a lot of fun and laughter and we’re always adventuring but I really try not to put a huge amount of pressure on myself to get everything done the right way, we’re on this journey together. The greatest lesson your kids have taught you? CD: Patience. TP: I second that haha. CD: And just love, the purest form of unconditional love and joy. TP: I completely

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