Fringe Festival

JUNKLANDIA | Adelaide Fringe 2024

We had a feeling this show would be one of our favourites for Fringe 2024 and we weren’t wrong. JUNKLANDIA is a big funky 5 stars from us! – Roxy Walsh, Kids In Adelaide JUNKLANDIA is an engaging & interactive spectacle of drumming, dance, circus and comedy guaranteed to excite & inspire KIDS & families! Don’t miss our Adelaide Fringe debut after receiving a “Best Kids” nomination at Melbourne Fringe 2023. Two brothers from the faraway planet ‘JUNKLANDIA’ embark on an EPIC mission to Earth to teach the Junklandian ways of music & creative recycling! With a hilarious language of gibberish & rhythm, this show is accessible to any age and nationality. The show ends with an incredible ‘JUNK Orchestra’ where each audience member, equipped with a recycled instrument, will come together to create a one-of-a-kind Junkyard Band! You won’t look at recycled materials the same way after watching this show!

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