Colossal Creatures

Prehistoric Creatures are Coming to the Adelaide Zoo this Boxing Day!

Step into a prehistoric world where gigantic insects and dinosaurs shared the earth. These school holidays the Adelaide Zoo has a special treat for lovers of all things creepy and crawly! Even the squeamish will be astonished and intrigued with these prehistoric insects! As if a trip to the zoo wasn’t already exciting enough, now you can be prepared to come face to face with spiders as long as horses, wasps the size of tigers and dinosaurs bigger than a building. Step into a prehistoric world and get up close to gigantic animatronic insects and dinosaurs displayed throughout the zoo. Follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s largest creatures and learn all about what life was like millions of years in the past. Ohh and don’t forget to say hello to Wang Wang and Funi on the way home! This enormous experience starts Boxing Day. Be there. Dates: 26 December 2018 – 28 January 2019 Adelaide Zoo

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