Theatre Review: Lights Out

FAMILY-FRIENDLY THEATRE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Olive, shares her thoughts on the interactive kid's theatre show, Lights Out.
KIDDO Reviewer, Olive

WORDS: Olive W, 13-years-old

The show Lights Out was a great way to fill the school holidays with fun and laughter.

Lights Out is all about the adventures of two boys – Chips and Cabbage – and what they get up to when Mum says it’s time for bed. Through their creative adventures and tips from the audience, they go on a journey to find the best singer, play hairdressers with a twist, and customise a cat and cow box. But, when they get too loud, you have to pretend to be asleep, so Mum doesn’t hear!

With the venue in the city, The Mill, and a shared space with an art gallery, it’s a great opportunity to have a day in the city and watch a show, and look at the artwork of some local artists. This show was super fun to watch, and I would definitely recommend it to families with children in primary school or younger!

Quick, it’s nearly time for bed, go help Chips and Cabbage have fun even when the lights are out.

Lights Out

Season has ended

The Mill, Adelaide

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