Theatre Review: Dog Man the Musical

FAMILY-FRIENDLY THEATRE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Nick, took his kiddo to see Dog Man the Musical presented by CDP at Dunstan Playhouse.

WORDS: Nick Lawrence

Dog Man the Musical, currently playing at the Dunstan Playhouse, is a delightful surprise for all ages. While the story is geared towards children, with its origins in the popular Dav Pilkey book series, there’s enough humour sprinkled throughout to keep adults chuckling along too.

One of the first things that grabs your attention is the set design. It’s clever and colourful, creating a dynamic backdrop for the story. But what truly elevates the set are the practical tools used to bring it to life. Using simple props like an umbrella with the words Ka-Boom on it, or cardboard building cutouts, the cast was able to transform the set and bring the stage to life.

A standout feature was the cast. The six performers filled the stage with their physical and vocal presence, showcasing their theatrical and musical talent through each number, filling the theatre with incredible and humorous musical numbers. The performers were all able to seamlessly switch between characters including costume and voice changes to help add to the overall effect.

The show’s pace is great, with the clever narrators acting as both characters and the ever-present “writers” of the musical, seamlessly weaving the story together and keeping the momentum going.

So, whether you have little Dog Man fans at home or are simply looking for a fun and heartwarming escape, Dog Man the Musical is a must-see. It’s a playful, energetic show that will leave you smiling long after the curtain falls.

Dog Man the Musical

until 28th of April, 2024

Dunstan Playhouse, Adelaide

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