Theatre Review: Creation Creation

FAMILY-FRIENDLY THEATRE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Suze, took her kiddos to see Creation Creation presented by Windmill Theatre Company showing at Space Theatre.

WORDS: Suze Harrington

Quizzical looks shot between my daughter and I, as we took our seats in the Space Theatre, ready to view Windmill Theatre Company’s Creation Creation. A completely white set stood before us, giving away nothing as to what we were about to encounter.

It didn’t take long to realise that the completely white set was actually the perfect backdrop for a show that sees all of life’s biggest wonderings play out on stage. Creation Creation features the voices of a selection of Adelaide residents between the ages of 8-102 as they ask, and simultaneously attempt to answer, questions about the great mysteries of life.

Windmill’s foray into documentary theatre is unlike the fictitious and whimsical theatre they are known and loved for, yet they still managed to bring plenty of quirky, creative and amusing moments to this genre. The interview responses, interwoven with composer Harry Corvill’s poignant and playful compositions, form the landscape for the sublime visual storytelling skills of performers Fleur Elise Noble and James Smith. Dressed in all-white themselves, they too become a canvas for the stories of others to be painted upon. Also of particular note, is the welcome inclusion of AUSLAN interpreter Dan Cleasby, projected onto the side of the set, engaging with and responding to the antics of the performers, while making this show accessible to those who require his services.

As we grapple with questions around how the world came to be, what happens when you die and how we are born, the responses are respectfully and earnestly crafted and acted out in front of our eyes, to match the diverse responses shared by those interviewed.

Perhaps what is most touching about this theatre style is the reminder that the human experience is varied and nuanced, and that truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Simple, colourful props and everyday objects transform the stage into a myriad of worlds and possibilities and my daughter tells me that she will never look at builder’s hat and a plunger the same way again, after one of the questions around humans having babies sees James slapping the plunger to the back of the hat and racing towards an egg. The white stage becomes increasingly less white over the course of the performance, thanks to some imaginative light work as well as a show-stopping creation of a black hole using some fabric. The reflective ending of Creation Creation stayed with me for days, as the set transformed into a brilliant marble run of sorts, highlighting the hope of children to create a more harmonious and sustainable future.

The audience is taken for a ride of epic proportions throughout this show – jolted back and forth between jovial chaos and tender reflection, perhaps sitting with some questions and thoughts of their own, prompted by this deep dive into life, death and everything in between. I echo the recommendations of ages 10+ for this performance, but no matter the age of the attendees, I guarantee there will be very interesting discussions in the car on the way home.

Creation Creation

Until Saturday 11th of May, 2024

Space Theatre, Festival Centre

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