Review: The Wiggles – We’re All Fruit Salad Tour

KID FRIENDLY REVIEW: Cue the confetti canon, this latest tour from The Wiggles, is bright, joyful and as sweet and wholesome as a big bowl of fruit salad. With ice cream on top! KIDDO's own Alexis Teasdale checked out the show with her mini and has given us the scoop!

WORDS: Alexis Teasdale

Cue the confetti canon, this latest tour from The Wiggles, is bright, joyful and as sweet and wholesome as a big bowl of fruit salad. With a scoop on ice cream on top!

Parents of The Wiggles fans know, they’re super heroes in skivvies. Whether it’s through our TV screens, entertaining and educating our kids while we power clean the house, or via the car speakers, helping restless little people relax (*ahem* calming tantrums), their particular form of entertainment is pure gold.

Their latest tour We’re All Fruit Salad, is all the every-day wonder of The Wiggles, brought to life.

The Wiggles – We’re All Fruit Salad

As we waited for the lights to dim on the very first show of the Australian We’re All Fruit Salad Tour, the feeling in the air was celebratory and exciting, as it should be, with The Wiggles reaching their 30 year anniversary in 2021. Iconic!

The music begins and the magic starts. You can expect all the classic tunes your kids will be waiting for – and they don’t have to wait long, opening with some of their most popular tracks like ‘Rock-a-bye Your Bear’ – plus some new songs that will surely become household faves.

As always, Anthony, Emma, Lachy and Simon are absolutely flawless, full of energy, smiles and happy harmonies (even high kicks!).

There are cameos from all The Wiggly friends like Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus, plus, they introduced a new friend, Shirley Shawn the Unicorn.

Everyone went wild for the audience visits as Emma, Lachy and an assortment of friends from giant fish and teddy bears all came down and danced through the aisles, giving the audience plenty of opportunities to wave and cheer.

Even The Big Red Car was let out of it’s garage for a spin around the front of the stage.

The show is musical feast for kids senses as they hear a range of instruments from drums, keyboards, banjo, guitars (including electric!) and bagpipes.The set is has plenty of colour to capture the kids’ attention too, and lighting changes keeps them engaged and excited.

As the lights go down for ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’, you’ll be forgiven for having a watery twinkle in your own eye, looking out at a sea of lights and thousands of enchanted, tiny faces.

A truly delightful experience from start to finish, and speaking of finishes, the confetti drop at the end was all sorts of spectacular. Judging by the ecstatic faces looking up in surprise (grown-ups and little people alike), it was a show to remember for everyone.

Our little KIDDO reviewers say:

Bonnie, 5: “The Wiggles were SO special. The best bit was when the Wiggles colours exploded from the roof at the end. I loved dancing and singing to all the songs.”

Andie, 2: “Lachie, asleep! Rockabye Bear! Love you Wiggleth.”

To find out more about The Wiggles – We’re All Fruit Salad Tour, visit their website:

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