REVIEW: Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge

The team at KIDDO were recently challenged to take part in the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge. 30 days to work hard, get strong and tone up right before the summer months? Well, that's a no brainer...of course we were keen!

30 days to get mentally and physically stronger

The team at KIDDO were recently challenged to take part in the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge. 30 days to work hard, get strong and tone up right before the summer months? Well, that’s a no brainer…of course we were keen!

We’d been working our proverbial tails off, putting together issue 18 of KIDDO, which involves long hours every day in front of the computer; this couldn’t have come at a better time. We were committed to finding out what results could really be achieved in a 30 day challenge  – that’s 20 classes in 30 days folks… which equates to 5 classes a week!

Studio Pilates 30 day challenge

What is The Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge?

The Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge sets you up to transform and reshape your entire body, as it’s designed to accelerate your results and help you feel mentally and physically stronger, healthier and more energised. 20 classes in 30 days sounds hard – and it is – but this is about taking your results to the next level, and that doesn’t come easy!

Get to your goals quicker

The Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge is about helping you get to your goals quicker, whatever those goals may be. It might be working towards feeling healthy and fit, or it might be about creating new positive habits and a strong mental attitude.

Make the time – CORE not CHORE

The hardest part for many people is finding the time for 20 classes in 30 days, particularly as many of us are busy mums, working and simultaneously running a household (basically we’re throwing all the balls up into the air and hoping to catch a couple of them if we’re lucky)!

The Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge is an opportunity to put yourself first and prioritise YOU – it’s only a 40 minute class, and once you’ve committed to it, it’s amazing how quickly your new mindset kicks into gear. It’s not a chore, it’s a change! And, just quietly, it’s strangely liberating making time for yourself for once.

Challenges run February, May, August and November, so throughout the year there are multiple opportunities to kickstart your journey towards the results you want! 

Studio Pilates 30 day challenge

We did the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge

Check out this for a grown-up version of a kids rewards chart! And don’t underestimate the power of marking off each class with a big fat cross every day – now I know why my kids chore scoreboard works so well, there really is power in seeing yourself work towards a goal!

Studio Pilates 30 day challenge

What are the classes like?

We’re talking total body sculpting workouts to achieve long, lean toned muscles. A boosted metabolism. Dramatically flattened abs (and I MEAN dramatically). Mental and physical strength and stamina. Improved posture and flexibility. More energy. A workout you’ll love.

Is it easy? HELL NO!

Our abs burned like they’ve never burned before, at times our muscles would actually shake (I’m looking at you, inner thighs), but that’s what change feels like, and after you’ve felt the burn of repetitive calf exercises and pushed through it – you can do anything!

studio pilates 30 day challenge

Studio Pilates Instructors

The wonderful instructors at Studio Pilates are there to encourage you every step of the way; they make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly (sometimes that 2cm move of the leg slightly up and to the right can make all the difference!) and guide you through each daily workout.

Walking in and chatting and laughing with the teachers every day was an absolute highlight of the challenge. I’m fairly sure I swore at them sometimes (sorry Jemima!) when I thought my triceps were going burst into flames – but they always made sure I was motivated to keep going (just a few more reps!!) and at the end of every class I felt better for it.

Online resources

The team at Studio Pilates also offer a suite of online resources to support the 30 Day Challenge. We’re talking recipes, nutrition guides, meal planners and workout trackers. This is all designed to set you up for the best possible chance of success. It’s like having a personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket – so handy!

Studio Pilates 30 day challenge
Body Scan – Find out what you’re made of

At the commencement of the challenge you have the option of undertaking a full SA Body Analysis body scan which will show you what you’re made of. LITERALLY.

The SABA Body Analysis will provide you with a detailed report about your body; things like your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, percentage body fat… the things you think you don’t actually want to know but once you do, can be a total game changer for how you work out and what you can achieve!

A measure of your success

The benefit of having this scan before undertaking the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge is that it establishes a baseline for the current status of your body and health and by the end of the challenge when you have another scan, you can see how far you’ve come! Measurable success!

Studio Pilates 30 day challenge
Studio Pilates 30 day challenge

Our results

We both went into the Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenge with very different fitness backgrounds and goals, which meant we were able to really assess how the 30 Day Challenge can work for people who are looking to achieve very different things.

Boss lady and chief KIDDO head honcho Charlotte:

Having been a regular at Studio Pilates for 2 years, doing the 30 Day Challenge for Charlotte was about taking her results to the next level.

SA Body Analysis showed 1.3kg of weight loss and a 1kg increase in muscle mass! That’s an EPIC result in anybody’s language.

Charlotte complemented her 30 Day Challenge with a healthy eating plan (she found committing to the challenge meant she was more motivated to make sure she was eating a healthy diet) and absolutely maximised her results. Beach ready body, tick!

Content manager, word guru and cardio queen Liv (that’s me): 

My main focus for the 30 Day Challenge was to change my mindset around cardio being the be all and end all, as I didn’t want to lose any weight. I was keen to see how strength and resistance would change my body and also take a break from the MANY hours of cardio I do every week. I was looking for tone and strength, rather than weight loss.

I went from having to have my springs reduced at the start of the 30 days (because I wasn’t strong enough to do the exercise correctly!) to being moved forward to the advanced exercises by the end. I suddenly felt stronger, fitter and more toned, and actually believed for the first time in my life that there is more to life than just cardio. In fact the work you do at Studio Pilates benefits your body in ways that cardio can’t.

And… can we talk about my ABS PLEASE?

studio pilates 30 day challenge

The Studio Pilates 30 Day Challenges run February, May, August and November.

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