Love your brain: empowering kids to understand their emotions

Love Your Brain is the first children's picture book from child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies, focusing on the importance of looking after and understanding our unique brains, and empowering parents to talk to their children about emotions and behaviours and taking care of our brains.

Love your Brain – empowering parents to talk to their kiddos about understanding their emotions and behaviour

Love Your Brain is the first children’s picture book from child behaviour expert Chrissie Davies.

An informative, and light-hearted text, Love Your Brain is narrated by Little Brainiac – a likeable children’s character – and focuses on the importance of looking after and understanding our unique brains.

Love Your Brain empowers parents to talk to their children about the importance of understanding their brains, encouraging brain care and ultimately learning how this impacts on their emotions and behaviour.

Love your brain and it will love you back

Little Brainiac begins the story by reminding children that their brains are amazing, but they must be taken care of like other parts of their bodies and loved much the way they love their family members.

Little Brainiac highlights that when you ‘love your brain, it will love you back’, helping children to understand the importance of brain care and how it helps them to feel better in their whole bodies.

Kids as Brain Managers

As a child herself, Little Brainiac reassures her audience that while they’re young, their parents or caregivers will help them look after their brain, but as they grow older, they must take some responsibility too. They must become Brain Managers, just like her.

Love Your Brain empowers not only parents but also children, as it emphasises the naming of emotions, and most importantly, how to manage them.

love your brain

The book continues with Little Brainiac giving the reader some ideas about how to care for their brain:

  • Get lots of sleep
  • Eat lots of healthy food
  • Drink water
  • Listen to music
  • Give your brain a break by using meditation and mindfulness
  • Say kind things to your brain because doing this helps to reinforce a positive growth mindset and attitude.

Love Your Brain is a book that encourages calm and emotionally connected parenting and the strengthening of relationships for all families, including those with neurodiverse children.

Available November 2020 RRP $27.50
Suitable for children 5-12 years

About Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies

Author Chrissie Davies is a Child Behaviour expert with over twenty years of experience in advocating for and understanding children with challenging behaviours.

Chrissie understands how difficult it can be for parents to understand their child’s behaviours, which is why she’s so passionate about supporting and educating families to create happier and safer home environments and she hopes that Love Your Brain can become part of the parenting toolbox.

She says, “When we truly understand that children don’t see the world in the same way as adults, and we teach them how to keep their brains happy and healthy, we understand that this is really the most important parenting tool we will ever need.”

By writing this book, Chrissie hopes that parents and children understand their behaviour more positively, and discover how to become brain builders, together.


love your brain

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