KIDDO REVIEWS: The Minute I Saw You

Find out what Kiddo Book Club book reviewer Kate Younie thinks of The Minute I Saw You by Paige Toon.


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The Minute I saw you

Paige Toon
the minute i saw you paige toon

The Big:

When Sonny walks into Hannah’s shop, immediately there is a connection. Sonny is handsome and confident. Hannah is quirky and intriguing. The chemistry is undeniable. The catch is that Sonny is only in his home town of Cambridge for a holiday, but this suits Hannah perfectly. However as their summer fling develops into something more, they realise a relationship isn’t what they both need right now. Sonny, a successful fashion photographer, is trying to change his rock and roll lifestyle. For Hannah, past trauma is something she has to deal with in order to live the life she deserves. They decide to be friends as they each work through their own baggage.
But, the friendship lines get blurred as they realise their connection is something deeper.

The Little: 

The Minute I Saw You is perfect for that romance hit that delves a little deeper. This latest novel by Paige Toon, who has written over 13 novels, is a slow burn but Sonny and Hannah’s love story grabs you pretty quickly. For me Toon is one of those go-to authors if you need a light read and a plot that isn’t too complicated so you can keep track while drinking wine between the dinners, the washing, the kids yelling … which is the case for many of us right now!

Rating: 3/5

The Minute I Saw You is published by Penguin Books Australia

RRP $32.99


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