Do your KIDDO’S have 20/20 visions?

I Spy with My Little Eye; is a game that has been used by parents for generations and while it can help wile away the hours on a long car trip or entertain a testy toddler in a doctor’s surgery, it is also a great reminder to us as parents to think about our children’s ability to see clearly.

It’s a startling fact is that 1 in 5 children have undetected eye problems and these can be nearly impossible to spot without an eye test.  Children are remarkably resilient and without the knowledge that they should be able to see any other way,they will cope in many other ways.

Maybe they hold their book a little closer (or farther away) from their face thannormal, maybe they tilt their head when looking at the television or squint.  Theycould cover one eye when watching a movie on an ipad, or complain of headaches ordry eyes.  The fact is that there are so many subtle signs, that they are easy to miss.But the way not to miss them, is to get their eyes tested by a professionaloptometrist who can asses not only their vision but their overall eye health.

At National Pharmacies Optical, they believe that all children should have the brightest outlook on life so they have now introduced FREE glasses for children 12 years and over with a family membership.  That means you can book an appointment at any of their 21 optical stores and your child can have an extensive eye exam and if they do detect a problem that can be corrected with glasses – thoseglasses and the lenses are completely free. So next time you’re asked to play eye spy as you’re driving down the road, consider how your child may be spying; the world and consider putting your mind at rest with a simple, no cost eye exam at National Pharmacies Optical.

A Family Membership with National Pharmacies is a great way for all the family to receive more benefits, more often. In addition to free glasses for children under 12, there are also great benefits on skincare, fragrance and health items. Outside of the store, the MemberPlus program gives you access to activities and offers from great South Australian companies.

There are 21 Optical Stores Across SA, Book An Eye Test Today!




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