Adelaide Fringe Review: The Frog Prince

FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Suze, took her kiddos to see The Frog Prince presented by State Opera South Australia at Adelaide Fringe.

WORDS: Suze Harrington

As a performance-loving family, we have been fortunate enough to have seen our fair share of genres. Last weekend we added a new one – Opera! I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as my own experience of opera was largely listening to Il Divo CD’s in my grandparent’s loungeroom as a teenager. The Frog Prince promised to be a fun and accessible opera experience for children, and it delivered on that promise.

Presented as a fractured fairytale of sorts, this interpretation brings both the princess and the frog into modern times – whereby Juniper, a selfish and ‘desperate to be popular’ tween – drops not a ball, but her mobile phone into the water after trying to capture the perfect selfie. Emerging from the water, the frog tells Juniper he can help her retrieve the phone if she follows him, and an unlikely friendship emerges as their adventure highlights the wasteful ways of many humans.

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While indeed being an entertaining performance, The Frog Prince also delivered an important message around environmental issues and sustainability, encouraging all children to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Even my 3-year-old was reciting those words on the way home as we discussed what we had taken from the show.

As this show is travelling around the state, there is a clear need for a minimalistic set. The clever use of screen projection to create the setting eliminated the need for elaborate props and backdrops. We particularly liked the addition of the flashing stars on the screen whenever a selfie was taken. Costumes were simple, yet effective, allowing the cast members to quickly switch roles and appearances where necessary.

Callum McGing, Lucy Stoddart and James Nicholson each do a fabulous job in their respective roles, showcasing their powerful voices and dynamic personalities. The updated lyrics to more famous arias assisted the storyline, whilst highlighting the talent represented on stage.

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We enjoyed ‘hopping’ into the world of opera with The Frog Prince, and wish the State Opera well as they continue to tour around schools over the coming months.

The Frog Prince

Season has ended

Adelaide Botanic High School Gym, Adelaide

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