Adelaide Fringe Review: PreHysterical Circus

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FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Olive, went to see PreHysterical Circus presented by Head First Acrobats at Adelaide Fringe.
KIDDO Reviewer, Olive

WORDS: Olive W, 13-years-old

PreHysterical Circus is a combination of prehistoric humour and the most amazing acrobatics. The show also performs some other shows for older audiences, and owns a donut shop, often near the venue.

PreHysterical Circus is entertaining for all ages, including older children and adults, as the three performers show off acts such as gymnastics, trapeze and a giant hula hoop stunt! The tent is air conditioned, so perfect in all weather, and the music and lighting for the show is amazing!

This comedy is very well executed, with great props like a hanging rope and swing, costumes, fruits and a fire. When the three cave people, Ow, Grunk and Erg perform back handsprings, do crazy handstands on each others shoulders and juggle hula hoops, you’ll be on the edge of your seat, and laughing your head off at the same time.

PreHysterical Circus cannot be missed, I would definitely recommend it to all families!

PreHysterical Circus

Until Sunday 17th of March

The Vault, Fool’s Paradise

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