Adelaide Fringe Review: Justin’s BIG Balloon Show

Family-Friendly Fringe: Justin's Big Balloon Show
FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Suze, took her kiddos to see Justin’s BIG Balloon Show presented by Showmen Productions at Adelaide Fringe.

WORDS: Suze Harrington

Few things light my children up more than balloons and live shows. The idea of having both of those things combined was mind blowing for them, so the excitement as we entered The May Wirth in Gluttony was palpable. With no shortage of energy despite the heat, Justin burst onto the stage and introduced himself with the help of some pre-prepared footage. We learn that he was the winner of the reality TV show ‘Blow Up’ which saw ten of Australia’s top balloon artists and decorators face off to create extraordinary things with ordinary balloons. This knowledge had expectations set high and Justin did not disappoint.

Through a high energy, fun filled hour, we experienced a delightful mix of magic, comedy, circus stunts and balloon art. Crowd interaction was playful and ongoing and Justin engaged the help of a few different children across the show, using his charm and quick wit to make them feel at ease as he asked them questions and received their assistance.

From increasingly large balloon poodles to an enormous finale balloon sculpture, there is no doubt that Justin can create not only art, but an impressive story with balloons. But he shares the stage, and the glory, with two mates – Sam and Nathan, who each make a special appearance to bring some extra laughs and wow factor. The magic trick performed by Justin and Sam had us scratching our heads in awe as we marvelled at how they did what they did, while Nathan’s escapades with a 6ft balloon had us crying with laughter in our seats.

Justin's Big Balloon Show, Adelaide Fringe 2024
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If there’s one thing Justin really knows how to do, it’s engage an audience. His upbeat and charismatic personality ensured that the children were hanging on to every word he said, which was extremely valuable as he shared some quality life advice around the importance of not giving up, chasing your dreams and aiming for ‘better not perfect’.

The show ends with mind bending magic finale (that if I’m honest, I’m still trying to it figure out), as well a chance for a photo opportunity and a little meet and greet after.

If you’re looking for a joyful, fun way to spend an hour with your family, we highly recommend ‘Justin’s BIG Balloon Show’ – playing every Saturday and Sunday of the Fringe at 12pm in Gluttony.

Justin’s BIG Balloon Show

Until Sunday 17th of March

The May Wirth, Gluttony

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