Adelaide Fringe Review: Charlie & the Bin Chicken

Charlie & the Bin Chicken, Adelaide Fringe 2024
FAMILY-FRIENDLY ADELAIDE FRINGE REVIEW: KIDDO reviewer, Claire, took her kiddos to see Charlie & the Bin Chicken presented by Art for Earthlings at Adelaide Fringe.

WORDS: Claire Curry

Are Bin Chooks just a little misunderstood?

Bin Chooks, the most Aussie of nicknames, gives a hint at the laconic humour and good-natured fun you’ll have at this clever children’s show. The Charlie & the Bin Chicken actors greeted us in costume, joking about going back to school, and instantly prompted little grins to spread across our faces. The grins didn’t stop all show with a great mix of popular music, swift and effective costume changes, and quirky characters.

Charlie & the Bin Chicken, Adelaide Fringe 2024
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The three actors kept their high-energy throughout the show, bringing to life kids in the schoolyard, roving TV reporters, and the ubiquitous duo of Ibises. There’s enough humour in this show to keep any adults chuckling, and the audience interaction is perfect for both boisterous kids and those who are a little more reserved. Mister 5, who loves birds, was particularly engaged, happily calling out to the Bin Chooks and embracing the classic pantomime interactions of “He’s behind you!”

The fact that all of this wonderful spirit and fun also comes with a message about caring for our planet and picking up our rubbish is just the sauce on the sausage roll (show joke). Charlie & the Bin Chicken, at a jam-packed but manageable 50-minute run time, would be perfect for a junior primary excursion for any teachers braving the Adelaide Fringe.

Charlie & the Bin Chicken

Until Sunday 25th of February

The Lark, Gluttony

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