Adelaide 36ers school holiday training camp – they’ll have a ball!

REVIEW: 36ers School Holiday Basketball Camp. We have a small human here at KIDDO HQ who lives and breathes basketball so when the opportunity came up to attend a 36ers School Holiday Training Camp it was a no brainer, she was ready to play ball!

When it comes to keeping the kids busy and active during the school holidays, sometimes you need to call in the big guns!

And if you’ve got a basketball loving kiddo in SA, it doesn’t get much bigger than Adelaide 36ers legends Brett Maher and Scott Ninnis.

The 36ers community coaches have some serious court cred, with over 40 years of experience in basketball, making them the perfect facilitators of the regularly run 36ers 3-day School Holiday Training Camps – that just happen to be attended by all current 36ers players… no big deal…!

adelaide 36ers school holiday camp

What is the 36ers School Holiday Basketball Camp like?

We happen to have a small human at KIDDO HQ who lives and breathes basketball so when the opportunity came up to attend a 36ers School Holiday Training Camp it was a no brainer, she was ready to play ball.

36ers school holiday camp

Meet new friends and have fun!

The 36ers School Holiday Training Camps are open to both boys and girls, with no age restrictions, and give kids an opportunity to improve their skills, develop techniques, enhance their game and most importantly, meet new friends and have fun!

This camp is heaven for kids who live and breathe basketball; 3-days of Basketball sounds like torture to some of us (*cough*me*cough*) but kids who love this sport are a breed of their own and just when you think they couldn’t possibly shoot one more hoop, they’re running back to the ring.

So 3 full days of it? They’ll honestly jump at the chance!

36ers school holiday camp

3-days of drills, skills and thrills

Over the course of the 3-days the kids are split into groups with kids of similar age range, each with their own coach facilitating.

The sessions are comprised of a series of basketball drills and skills sessions, as well as scratch matches and plenty of fun basketball oriented games interspersed through the day. Think Dribble Knockout, In and Out, Golden Child and BUMP (all of which will probably be familiar to your child already if they’ve ever played basketball or even just done PE at school).

As a parent, you don’t just want your child coming home at the end of the day totally wrecked from endless drilling, you want them coming home buzzing with how much FUN they’ve had, and that’s exactly what we got at the end of each day of the 36ers School Holiday Training Camp.

Yes, the kids were shattered, but they were also bouncing off the walls with how much fun they’d had.

adelaide 36ers holiday camps

Meet the 36ers

The opportunity for little hoop shooters to meet their basketball playing heroes is also a key drawcard to the 36er’s School Holiday Training Camp.

And boy do they have some big shoes to fill. Literally.

adelaide 36ers school holiday clinic

The 36ers players also help facilitate coaching throughout the day, so it’s a great opportunity for the kids to learn from their idols, and everyone’s given the opportunity to get an autograph at the end of each day!

Each child also goes home at the end of the 3-days with a group photo of everyone who attended with them, as well as the players and coaches, and a t-shirt to commemorate the event!

36ers training camp

What you need to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks (canteen facilities also available – you can order lunch if you prefer)
  • Pumped basketball (with your name on it – imagine how many balls end up rolling around the courts!)
  • Sneakers/runners with rubber soles
  • Your A-Game
36ers basketball camp

What’s the verdict?

After 3-days of non stop basketball, we asked the kids what they thought about the 36ers School Holiday Training Camp…

And let’s just say.. it was a SLAM DUNK! 

Adelaide 36ers School Holiday Training Camps are regularly held in School Holidays

Wayville Sports Centre – 142 Rose Terrace, Wayville SA

For more information:

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