KIDDO CHATS: Lessons for kids (and parents!) in sport with Todd Perry

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We chat with former professional Tennis player Todd Perry about kids in sport, how much training is too much, the 'right reasons' behind playing sport, and how parents and coaches can work better together for exceptional results.

What do you think is one of the main reasons most kids quit sport? While you’re pondering, just absorb this statistic: each year millions upon millions of children register for competitive sports; about 70 per cent of those will quit by age 13.

While you watching your kiddos run around on the  footy field or basketball court this morning, before you drive off to another sideline on the other side of the city, do you think your child will be among the 30 per cent who stick at it?

In his debut book, One Chance – Lessons in Sport, Life and Success, former professional tennis player Todd Perry shares compelling insights into the journey that led to his success in the world’s most prestigious tournaments. Drawing on a lifetime’s experience as an elite competitor, coach and educator, he reveals surprising truths about why too many young athletes are withdrawing from sport – and what we can do to prevent it.

Now a tennis coach and educator back home in Adelaide, Perry’s book reveals powerful insights into common misconceptions about success and what it takes to ‘make it’.

In this episode we chat to Todd about kids in sport and some of his sometimes surprising insights like less is more, the importance of mindfulness, and how parents and coaches can work better together for exceptional results.

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Guest: Todd Perry

Host: Liv Williams

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