Taste the world in Charles Sturt this Tasting Australia

Tasting Australia: Tasting the World in Charles Sturt
Four cooking workshops in this year’s Tasting Australia program will share family histories on a plate from around the world on Saturday 4th of May and Saturday 11th of May, 2024.

With affordable tickets ranging from $25-$50, the workshops titled – Tasting the World in Charles Sturt – will give people an opportunity to eat and learn some treasured family recipes, culture and migration stories from the Ugandan, Vietnamese, Italian and Indian communities that have settled in the West of Adelaide.

Led by Charles Sturt locals with a passion for cooking and culture, the four Tasting the World in Charles Sturt cooking workshops aim to share more than food.  Ticket holders will experience family histories told through family recipes passed down through generations from another land.

City of Charles Sturt Place Leader and event organiser, Vic Pisani says the low-cost family-friendly event is a special experience that will both fill bellies and warm hearts.

“Vietnamese, Indian, Italian and Ugandan migration has enriched South Australia’s culinary and cultural life and we’re thrilled to have some people from these communities that settled in the west of Adelaide share their food and culture with us.

These delicious family recipes are time capsules of homelands and South Australian migration stories, and the glue that connects generations to their cultural heritage.

They also foster cross cultural understanding for people outside their culture and the chance to sit, eat, listen, and learn about people, families and culture through real food, made and shared with love, is what this event is all about.”, says Vic.

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