Superluminal premieres at South Australian Museum

South Australia's much-loved children's theatre group, Patch Theatre, is about to shine brighter than ever with the world premiere of their newest theatrical creation, Superluminal.

Taking place at the South Australian Museum as part of 2024’s Illuminate Adelaide, this interactive installation promises to be a beautiful exploration of nature’s mysteries, tailor-made for curious little minds and their families.

Superluminal is set to be an unforgettable theatrical journey into the wonders of the natural world, where children aged 4-8 and their families can explore the magic of light and time through Patch Theatre’s signature blend of enchanting storytelling, interactive play, and breathtaking visual design.

“Installations are a fantastic way for young children to engage with art and to follow their own impulses within a creative space. We love making theatre for 4–8 year olds but what they really want is to play – to be on stage with us and be part of the action – and Superluminal allows them to do this,” says Geoff Cobham, Artistic Director of Patch Theatre.

Upon entering Superluminal, children collect colour-changing lanterns unlocking the doors to an adventure that explores nature’s creatures, ecosystems, and beauty, all while discovering how time has shaped them. Guided by performers, they’ll roam through five interactive spaces, follow animal tracks, and even create their own mythical creatures!


This magical experience is brought to life by a team of exceptionally talented South Australian creatives, including Geoff Cobham himself, one of the country’s most renowned lighting designers, and Co-Director/Composer Zoë Barry, who recently received the prestigious Telstra ARIA Music Teacher of the Year 2021 award. The team has worked closely with the Museum’s resident scientists to create an experience that is as educational as it is enchanting.

Geoff Cobham adds, “We’ve really hit the jackpot with this team. We all have the same understanding of art and decades of experience creating brilliant work for young audiences.”

Zoë Barry’s unique soundscape will transport you to various corners of the globe, from the tranquil Australian dawn chorus to the mystical sounds of the jungle at night, and even to children’s dreams of strange animal sounds. This musical journey, composed from nature’s symphony, is sure to leave you with a newfound sense of awe for the natural world.

We really hope that when children leave this experience and go back into the world, they’ll have a slightly more magical and connected sense of their place within nature and within the whole universe.

Superluminal opens at the South Australian Museum on Saturday 6 July and runs until Saturday 10 August. 

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