Strengthening bonds and fostering new friendships

There's always a buzz of excitement when students come together across different year levels and areas of Seymour College. These connections are nurtured right from the start.

The youngest learners, the Infants in the Early Years, eagerly anticipate their weekly visits from their Reception buddies. It’s a heartwarming sight as the older students show care for their younger friends, embracing their responsibility of being positive role models. Meanwhile, the little ones demonstrate their growing capability and competence as they develop their sense of self.

Further along the Seymour journey, Year 2 students light up with joy as Middle and Senior Years boarding students read them stories and enjoy shared breakfasts during their special Year 2 Sleepover.

For students in Year 3 to 6, Clan Connection time is a highlight of their week, offering opportunities for laughter, games, and meaningful interactions. Friendship Days also bring together students from different year levels, fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

On Barr Smith Campus, Middle and Senior Years students eagerly await their Black Watch Buddies time. This innovative initiative groups students across year levels, who meet fortnightly as part of Friendship Fridays.

The buddy groups embark on a journey of friendship and mentorship that will stay with them throughout their time at Seymour and beyond. With fun handshakes and group names, they dive into an array of team-building and fun activities designed to strengthen their connections and share valuable insights and friendships.

As the magic unfolds between older mentors and their younger companions across the College, it’s evident that these initiatives create a supportive environment where knowledge is shared and friendships blossom. Seymour College is not only building strong bonds among its students but also instilling values of empathy, collaboration, and mentorship that resonate with both students and parents alike.

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