Keep your teens safe with Spacetalk’s new Family App

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Spacetalk, best known for kids' smartwatches, has taken a big leap Into the teen market with a new Family App.

Spacetalk’s mission is to ensure family safety by providing an ecosystem of products that enable freedom and create peace of mind. Their vision is safety at every stage of life. To that end, they’re thrilled to introduce the Spacetalk Family App – the best features of your child’s Spacetalk watch now available as a FREE app on any family members phone!

Now you can access all the cool stuff from their best-selling smartwatches, on your teen’s smartphone. And, stay digitally connected with them as they navigate through their teenage years.

The new app allows parents to keep an eye on all members of the family, especially tweens who have migrated from their Adventurer smartwatch to a mobile phone, without having to bug them to check in.

No more “let me know when you get there” messages, means more peace of mind for Mum and Dad, and less for your teenage kids to worry about!

The Family App is installed on your family’s smartphones, and pairs with Spacetalk App already used to manage your child’s smartwatch. This has the added bonus of allowing you to create and manage group chats, without the younger family members needing social media accounts.

Spacetalk’s Family App features include:

  • Locate – GPS locating for every member of the family
  • Navigate to – The Family App can find you the quickest route to your kids – no address required
  • Safe zones – Mark frequently visited spots in the app to get notifications whenever someone arrives or leaves. Perfect for after-school activities or visiting with friends
  • Chat function – Have a laugh, organize pick ups, and generate buzz with the whole family


“Thanks to this new product, we are now able to bridge the transition that kids have between a Spacetalk Watch and the receipt of their first smartphone. Parents can be assured that all the same great features and benefits of family safety and security incorporated in the Spacetalk Watch are carried across and accessed via our new dedicated mobile Spacetalk Family App,” says Spacetalk Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Simon Crowther.

The Family App is totally free to download. Subscription required from March 1st, 2024

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