SA Aquatic Centre announce 100 new swim teachers to help SA families catch up post-COVID

Kyle Chalmers with kids
The SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) has trained and accredited more than 100 new swim teachers in time for the summer season to offer increased lesson flexibility for families and ensure children are safeguarded around water.

The SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) has invested in training and accrediting more than 100 new swim teachers in time for the 2022-23 summer season; predicting the need for increased capacity to strengthen skills and save lives.

The workforce training program has focused on mums who are returning to work, having spent the early years with their children, and young people who are starting their careers.

SAALC General Manager, Adam Luscombe said:

As the weather starts warm up, now is the perfect time to get back to the pool and make sure everyone in the family has those basic skills they need to enjoy the water safely. This is about safeguarding our children.”

He went on to say “during the height of COVID families did not enrol young children into swimming lessons, and we are now seeing a large cohort of 3–5-year old’s that have not started their formal swimming education.”

100 new SA swim teachers have been trained and accredited, in particular people looking for a flexible workplace. This is the tip of the iceberg as these teachers are developed into the next generation of swim coaches and sports leaders of the future.

SAALC ambassador and passionate advocate for swimming education, Kyle Chalmers, reinforces the critical importance of children participating in swimming lessons right from the start.

If children can’t swim, and they can’t tread water, they aren’t safe. We need to make sure that every child has the opportunity to learn these basic skills so they can enjoy and thrive in the water.”

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