Culture and country: Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts

Australia’s leading indie lifestyle brand, Kip&Co, have proudly introduced a collaboration with Ernabella Arts, Australia’s longest running Indigenous Arts Centre.

The collaboration showcases the art of seven artists, with culture, country and storytelling at its heart.

This is Kip&Co’s second Indigenous arts collaboration. The first, Kip&Co x Barbarra in 2020, was the brand’s fastest selling range of all time.

“The incredible success of our indigenous collaborations shows that consumer behaviour is changing, for the better! Customers are consciously choosing products that reflect their own social, environmental and ethical values – they are seeking an authentic connection. And there’s no better sense of story and purpose than in the art created by Ernabella Arts!” Says Alex McCabe, co-founder of Kip&Co.

In the spirit of independence, adaptation, creativity and transformation, seven artists have shared their ancestral stories through their artwork in this collaboration. Partnering with a range of artists from the Ernabella Arts Centre has allowed this collection to share a unique flare.

Ernabella Arts is not only the oldest Indigenous arts centre in Australia, it’s also one of the most artistically diverse. Collaborating with these artists over a two year period has been humbling and inspiring and we are so excited for the rest of the world to get to experience the joy of their art.

The Kip&Co x Ernabella Arts collaboration sets a benchmark for future collaborations, with the team dividing all profits equally, with 50% of profits directly returned to Ernabella Arts.

The range features bedding, apparel and homeware for the whole family, bringing bright pops of colour and inspiring patterns to every room! 

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