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Kiddo friendly eats feature
For those of us with kids who double as mini Michelin star critics at meal times, here at KIDDO HQ we understand the challenging dynamic between children and food all too well. Painfully well. Scraping whole plates of food into the bin kind of well.

Basically, 70% of parenting involves mastering the art of melting cheese on something and trying to convince your kids to eat it. The other 30% is cleaning tomato sauce off the dog. Ah, the joys. 

We wanted to take some of the OUCH out of dining out with kids, and put some more EAT into eating-in so we’ve cooked up this mouth-watering KIDDO FRIENDLY EATS issue. And let me tell you, we’ve called in the big guns to help us conquer the food frontier with our tiny culinary critics. 

MasterChef contestant, Adelaide mum and gourmet guru, Larissa Sewell, has given us the scoop on her experience in the MasterChef kitchen along with her expert tips on encouraging our little ones to embrace adventurous eating. Plus, she spills the beans on her favourite kid-friendly spots to dine out in SA… get ready to take notes! 

The meal prep queen herself, Teagan Carpenter from Vintage Chef Co. has let us in on the most delicious and nutritious family-friendly food her team has been cooking up. Whether you opt for their fresh meal deliveries or visit their brand new cafe, you’ll find a scrumptious selection that’s perfect for those moments when you just need a meal ready to heat and eat. 

And for those of us struggling to tame the chaos in our pantries, home organising hero Deanna Zacharia offers her wisdom on creating the perfect kid-friendly pantry, including the perfect spot to put those ‘sometimes’ foods so kids aren’t reaching for them every chance they get. Let me tell you, Deanna’s pantry hacks are making my pantry moths break out in a cold, cold sweat. 

As always, our regular contributors are back with their insightful takes on tricky topics surrounding kids and food, body image, and fostering a healthy relationship with eating.

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