National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant junior royals crowned

The competition to find two junior royals, a girl and boy aged 6-10, to accompany the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family has concluded, with Isla Lucas and Leo Cimmino announced as winners.

To win the competition, children were judged on their answer comprising of 25 words or less, to why do you want to be a Junior Royal in this year’s Christmas Pageant?

A multitude of children submitted their creative answers over one week, but only two could become Junior Royals.

Isla Lucas, aged 8 wrote in her submission, “My Royal WAVE and SMILE will send LOVE to everyone especially the SICK children in hospital. The King and Queen will be proud of me.”

Likewise, Leo Cimmino, aged 9, wrote, “I have been to all the pageants I have been alive for. My pillowcase is Christmas and I have the spirit of Christmas all year.”

The Junior Royals will get to fulfill their dream as they accompany the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant Royal Family on the Royal Christmas Ball float.

They’ll be an essential part of bringing the smiles and cheers as a representation of the tradition and the Joy of Christmas on pageant day.

Asked about his favorite element of the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant, Leo said “All the floats, how they’re made and all the cool features on them that I want to touch but I can’t.”

I love Christmas and I’ve seen every National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant I’ve been alive for,

Isla said her favorite float was Circus and is looking forward to being on the Royal Christmas Ball Float on November 4th. “I like smiling and waving” she said.

After a ceremony held at Brighton Primary School, Scott Pelvin and Anne Trieu were announced as the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant King and Queen, with Princesses Bronwyn Paynter and Neesha Crebbin and Princes James Childs and Matthew Hocking completing the Royal Family line-up.

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