Introducing Tackerz TV: Your creative circus adventure at home!

Tackers TV
SA Circus Centre's (Home of Cirkidz) new online offering, Tackerz TV, is taking young and young-at-heart viewers on an extraordinary circus journey.

This brand new web series transforms everyday objects into tools for circus training, empowering young minds and turning living rooms into vibrant circus arenas.

The Tackerz are a group of inventive, fun-loving, and curious presenters who represent the very best of the circus world. Resilient and creative boot-strappers, the Tackerz are known for their infectious energy and practical know-how in getting things done. Despite being small enough to fit in your pocket, they are larger than life, inspiring viewers to embark on circus adventures from the comfort of their homes.

Jono, along with his friends Bag and Bones, takes centre stage in the current episodes. Viewers can join them in circus fun with just a different household item for each thrilling adventure. The best part is that everyone can participate, as circus is for everyone, and TackerzTV makes it easy for all to engage in positive and skilful play with everyday objects.

Joshua Hoare, the Artistic Director of SA Circus Centre, Home of Cirkidz, shares the vision for TackerzTV.

We know circus is for everyone, so let’s make it easy for everyone to participate!

“TackerzTV supports kids to engage in positive skilful play with household objects. We’re still learning as we go on this journey, and Tacker reminds us that we learn through our bodies and through our relationship with the world around us. Our aim is to support a curious and skilful relationship with the world, setting our community up to thrive as people”

So, get ready to be a part of a thrilling circus adventure with Tackerz TV! It’s a chance to explore creativity, positivity, and skill, all from the comfort of your own home.

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