How Spriggy helps kids navigate money matters

In a world where financial literacy is scarce, teaching kids about money smarts has never been more critical. With two-thirds of adults globally lacking the necessary skills to manage their finances effectively, it's clear that this gap needs to be addressed. That’s why Spriggy is on a mission to change that narrative.

In this day and age, money smarts are not just a nice-to-have; they’re essential life skills. That’s why Spriggy has developed innovative solutions to help families instill these vital concepts in their children from a young age.

What is Spriggy?

Spriggy is a mobile app and prepaid Visa card that makes it easy for parents to manage pocket money and fun for kids to learn about money.

The science behind it

Research indicates that children as young as three years old can begin to grasp basic money concepts. By the age of seven, their money habits are already taking shape. Spriggy capitalises on these critical developmental stages by providing a platform where kids can learn through hands-on experience.

Embracing a philosophy of learning by doing

The whole idea behind Spriggy is for kids to learn about money by doing. The platform encourages real-world decision-making and fosters a sense of independence in financial matters.

Fun meets finance

Learning should be fun, which is why Spriggy incorporates elements of gamification into the platform. Studies show that when children are engaged and motivated, they retain information better. By making money management enjoyable, Spriggy ensures that kids are actively involved in their financial education.

Additionally, Spriggy recognises that the way we all interact with money is evolving. With digital payments becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s essential for kids to understand these concepts from an early age. Spriggy provides a safe and interactive digital experience that mirrors the modern financial landscape.

The products

Spriggy offers two primary products designed to empower kids and families on their financial journey.

Spriggy Pocket Money: Australia’s most loved pocket money app and prepaid Visa card. With Spriggy Pocket Money, kids can learn about budgeting, saving, and spending responsibly under the guidance of their parents.

Spriggy Schools: The all-in-one school payments app simplifies the process of managing school-related expenses. From excursion fees to uniform purchases, Spriggy Schools streamlines school payments, making life easier for parents and administrators alike.

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