Foundation SA is making an impact in the community

VillageHood's Singing Hearts Program, supported by Foundation SA
A sense of belonging and connection with community is a fundamental human need, and Foundation SA is proud to bring communities together through their Neighbourhood Grants program.

Foundation SA’s Neighbourhood Grants offer non-profit organisations up to $5,000 to support acts of community connection that strengthen the bonds of neighbourhoods and people with a common interest.

Foundation SA Philanthropy and Engagement Manager, Sophie Doyle says, “Our grants support the delivery of programs and activities that are led by people from within the community they are serving”.

“We know that these individual grants aren’t sizeable enough to change the world, but we do know they will plant many seeds that will be watered by the people leading the programs and those participating in them. The community is what makes the seeds flourish.”

A recent recipient of Neighbourhoods Grants is making real change and having profound impact on a community of mothers and their children.

Villagehood Australia is providing women with essential supports to improve their wellbeing and to create the connections and social networks that will underpin their continued growth and happiness.

VillageHood's Singing Hearts program, supported by Foundation SA

Villagehood creating connection through music

Research has proven wide-ranging benefits of singing from enhancing a child’s development to improving overall health and wellbeing.

The ‘Singing Hearts’ program is an eight-week mindful music program open to any woman and mother with her children. Through this program Villagehood Australia is using the power of music and singing to bring mothers and children together, building stronger connections and opening doors to improved health and wellbeing.

A recipient of a Foundation SA Neighbourhood Grant, Singing Hearts invites mothers to rediscover the joy of motherhood and create lasting memories with their children while enjoying the multiple benefits of singing and music.

Dinah Thomasset, Founder and Chief Executive of Villagehood Australia, says their approach is mother and child centric.

Research shows that when we create moments of joy for mothers and children in a safe environment, it has an incredibly positive effect on the mental wellbeing of the mum and on the child’s development.

Every week choir instructor Cindy McDonald leads a group of young mothers in song while their children play and listen to their voices.

Foundation SA supports South Australian communities to tune of $500k

Foundation SA has distributed more than $500,000 to community and charitable organisations through its grants programs. Foundation SA, South Australia’s only state-wide community foundation, reached the significant milestone, in just two and a half years since its establishment in 2021.

Grants totalling more than $500,000 have been awarded and include donor-advised grants from Foundation SA sub-funds and two specialist grant rounds as a result of public fundraising campaigns and private foundation funding.

“In just two and a half years, Foundation SA has grown into a generous philanthropic community of South Australians, and in doing so has been able to support numerous community and charitable organisations,” says Stacey Thomas, Foundation SA Chief Executive Officer.

Our grant programs open up funding opportunities to organisations that are delivering meaningful and vital programs for South Australian communities across the state.

As well as the Neighbourhood Grants, another key fundraising initiatives was through the South Australian Disaster Recovery Fund, created by Foundation SA in direct response to the South Australian flood disaster in early 2023.

Other youth and children related projects Foundation SA have supported

Careworks Incorporated — Families of Hope

The Families of Hope project is a weekly drop-in initiative based in Davoren Park that aims to foster community connections and provide enriching activities for parents, children and caregivers of all ages, with a particular focus on supporting families facing disadvantage.

Hills Community Toy Library Inc — Community Engagement

The Hills Community Toy Library services the Adelaide Hills region and beyond, providing loan toys to families of all backgrounds. Following a decline in participation following the  COVID-19 pandemic, the Toy Library is seeking new ways to engage children and families and as such will run Messy Play Days for children aged 0–10 years and their carers. Photos attached in Word.

West Coast Youth and Community Support — A Pridevember to Remember

This fun and uplifting event will engage and welcome the LGBTQIA+ community in the Lower Eyre Peninsula to celebrate and enjoy all things rainbow, including food, music and lived experience guest speakers.

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