Discover the Early Years at Pulteney

Your child’s journey starts now and you're invited to tour Pulteney Grammar School’s Early Years on Thursday 24 August.

A love of learning is forged in early childhood. From birth, children begin to build an understanding of themselves as learners. When they love to learn, they investigate, probe, and problem solve.

They build creativity and confidence by taking risks and making mistakes. Pulteney Grammar School has built a learning environment that ensures your child’s passions prosper.

Early Years at Pulteney

Pulteney prides itself on its outstanding wellbeing program which underpins each child’s preparedness to learn. Their 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten program is built on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, and this evolves into the Pulteney Learner Compass teaching and learning framework. You’ll be able to learn more about this at the tour.

A strong foundation in literacy and numeracy alongside their diverse co-curricular and sporting programs will equip your child with the education, experiences, and values for a purposeful life.

Discover the opportunities Pulteney Grammar School can provide your child while seeing the school in action at 9.15am on Thursday 24 August.

Early Years Tour (ELC and Reception)

If your child is about to start school Pulteney would like to invite you to their Early Years Tour of Pulteney Grammar School at 9.15am on Thursday 24 August.

Visit their classrooms, hear from the Principal and school leaders, and meet their passionate and dedicated teachers – the most important figures in your child’s formative education (after you of course).

Reserve your place on the tour:

190 South Terrace, Adelaide


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