Credit Union SA announces School Impact Program

MP Blair Boyer and Reynella East College students announces Credit Union SA's School Impact Program
Credit Union SA announces it is amplifying the impact they have on education in South Australia by introducing the School Impact Program.

The School Impact Program aims to provide up to 50 schools per year, across metropolitan and regional South Australia, the opportunity to access funding for projects between $2,000 and $20,000.

Credit Union SA Chief Executive, Todd Roberts, explains, “we are a South Australian organisation wanting to invest into our state’s education community for the benefit of all South Australians, from students through to teachers and families – the whole school community.

Our School Impact Program is committed to giving school communities over $1 million in vital funds across the next 10 years.

“The funding provided to schools across the state will enable educational facilities to bring forward their investments into to school grounds, as well as learning facilities and equipment. This can include upgrades to libraries and classrooms, as well as using the funds to enhance student learning and wellbeing including the creation of nature play spaces, new equipment, other outdoor facilities, and sensory learning spaces,” Todd continued.

The School Impact Program will replace the current School Community Rewards program which has been running for nine years and supported 26 schools across the state.

Through the School Community Rewards program , Credit Union SA has donated over $650,000 for programs and projects that have benefited more than 15,000 South Australian students per year.

MP Blair Boyer and Reynella East College students announces Credit Union SA's School Impact Program

Reynella East College was one of the first schools to join the School Community Rewards program in 2014 and has received $58,000 which has enabled school projects such as a chicken coop for the Junior School, a nature play area, and bathroom upgrades.

Minister for Education, Training and Skills Blair Boyer MP said, “Teachers and leaders do an amazing job of fundraising for school projects and using it as an opportunity to teach students about community spirit – this initiative will help them realise their fundraising goals faster to ensure these school projects make a difference to the school community.

Reynella East College is a wonderful example of how this funding can be used, including helping to complete projects such as a chicken coop for the Junior School and a nature play area.

“The School Impact program will also allow for schools to apply for funding for additional training and wellbeing programs for their teachers’” the Minister concluded.

Credit Union SA School Impact Program funding applications will open in Term 1, 2024, with payment in Term 2, and reopen in Term 3, with payment in Term 4.

In 2024, the School Impact Program is for all Department of Education schools and in 2025 it will be extended to include every single school in South Australia.

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