Blackfriars Priory School invests in wellbeing with new hub and library

In years gone by, schools were all about the “three Rs” – reading, writing and arithmetic. Today, education is far more holistic, focusing on the overall wellbeing of students, as well as essential learnings.

At Blackfriars, wellbeing has been brought into even sharper focus with the development of a new Wellbeing Hub. The hub – part of an overhauled library complex – is dedicated to promoting good mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing a new home for the school’s counselling staff and a private garden area.

Director of Wellbeing Anthea Osborne said, across the school, pastoral care and wellbeing were “pivotal in ensuring that we actually prepare the boys for life after Blackfriars”. 

“The thing that makes us stand out as a school is that we’re very much focused on holistic education,” said Ms Osborne, who also championed the introduction of Blackfriars’ wellbeing dog, Albi, in 2023. 

A pastoral care and a wellbeing program is essential … to be able to acknowledge that we have all different parts to us and we need to make sure that our health, our spiritual life, our mental health, our physical being are all developed, just as much as the focus that we have on study.

Meanwhile, Blackfriars has also celebrated the opening of its new Primary Library. As with the Wellbeing Hub, the new library – which is also used by students from the school’s Early Learning Centre – overlooks a private garden area.

Going forward, the school plans to overhaul the remainder of the library complex, with plans to create a modern, high-tech environment that will take our students’ learning to the next level.

“We’re so proud of what we have already been able to achieve with Stage 1 of the library redevelopment,” Principal David Ruggiero said.

“We look forward to transforming the remaining library space to create a 21st-century learning environment that will take us well into the future.”

Plans for the Stage 2 development include formal study areas, a dedicated training space and upgraded offices for Learning Innovation and Digital Technology.

Books, of course, will remain at the heart of the library, with new shelves set to provide better access to our extensive collection and new furniture to help create a mix of formal and informal spaces for learning and relaxation.

“The full redevelopment of the Hallinan Library will benefit Blackfriars students for years to come,” Principal David Ruggiero said.

“We are pleased to be able to continue to provide modern, innovative, relevant and inviting spaces for our students.”

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