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The pressure to be perfect and the challenges of a perpetually plugged in social media life can be all consuming for young girls, but Adelaide based business, The Girl Gang Wellness, is here to help.

It’s a woman’s world, but for tween and teen girls sometimes the road to get there can be a tricky path to navigate.

The pressure to be perfect and the challenges of a perpetually plugged in social media life can be all consuming for young girls, but The Girl Gang Wellness is here to help.

School workshops and mentoring

Set up to focus specifically on the wellness of our preteen and teen girls, The Girl Gang does more than just lecture and preach. Hosting school workshops, one on one mentoring programs with young girls and private workshops and events, The Girl Gang Wellness aims to help girls navigate their way through their teen years so they can thrive as healthy, happy, confident adolescents.

the girl gang wellness

Educating, inspiring, empowering

The Girl Gang Wellness was borne of a desire to create a safe space where tween and teen girls could receive advice and guidance from qualified experts, in an environment where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Offering a variety of different services, developed by a team of psychologists, teen counsellors, doctors and educators, the Girl Gang Wellness provides a safe platform for girls to share stories and become educated on a range of relevant topics they’re dealing with, whether it be friends, school, hormones, family or relationship related.

girl gang wellness workshop

Teen counsellor and founder of the business, Danielle Demourtzidis says “The Girl Gang Wellness is all about educating, inspiring and empowering young women”… and that sounds like just what we all need!

The Girl Gang Wellness programs include:

  • One on one teen counselling: a 6 week, one to one mentoring program with a qualified teen counsellor
  • School workshops: with a focus on mental and physical wellness
  • Online program: a series of filmed workshops discussing teen relevant issues
the girl gang wellness

Check out KIDDO Chats episode 7 with Danielle from The Girl Gang Wellness about tricky times with tween girls.

In the episode we dive into:

  • The types of issues facing young girls today
  • How parents of preteen girls can best communicate with them
  • How early intervention with counselling and mentoring can set girls up for success
  • How to know when we should look for external help if our daughter is experiencing a hard time
  • Tips and strategies to support girls going through tricky friendship issues
  • How the focus changes as girls get older – what parents should be prepared for when girls turn 12-18!

Listen on your podcast app or stream at

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