Top 10 Tips to being a Winning Dad, with author of The Winning Dad Manual, Symon Jarowyj

Wanna be a winning dad? There's now a manual for that, thanks to Symon Jarowyj! Just in time for Father's Day, Symon gives us some of his top 10 tips to being a winning dad!

Wanna be a winning dad? There’s now a manual for that, thanks to Symon Jarowyj!

It didn’t take long for Symon Jarowyj to realise he didn’t feature high on his daughter’s popularity list.

Despite being primary nappy changer during the first six weeks of Neko’s life during his partner Natalie’s recovery from a caesarean, the Grace Emily pub part-owner soon learnt that when it comes to a kid’s priorities, it’s 1) mum, and then 2) everyone else.

the winning dad manual

“When Neko was about two I started realising that whenever my mum or mother-in-law would come over, she’d show a lot more excitement than when I came home from work,” Symon explains.

“I was getting a bit jealous and thinking, I’m not even in the top two in popularity anymore! So I started jotting down ideas of ways I could make things around the house more fun for her so she’d think I was a bit less boring. Like if I was doing the washing, I’d be smelling every item of clothing as she passed it to me and saying ‘pooo!’ to her in a really high voice and pulling a funny face or whatever, just to get a giggle.”

As Symon’s list grew, chats with punters over the bar revealed more stark lessons all dads must learn in their little ones’ first years of life and he started to thinking it would actually make a pretty funny book, something for dads to have so they can prepare for what’s coming.

“I liked the idea of a manual that was illustrated to look like an airport emergency landing card – something small and tongue-in-cheek, but something half-serious that identified those areas for dads on how they could do a better job,” Symon says.

winning dad manual

The Winning Dad Manual

Enter The Winning Dad Manual. It’s the 60-page life saver for any newly anointed father. With straight-forward instructions that take you from baby bump to toddler phase, this illustrated guide book prepares dads (and mums) for the little known battles that present themselves in parenthood. Printed on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and printed with jellyfish friendly inks, the light weight and slim shape of The Winning Dad Manual fits snugly in your shirt or jacket pocket to go with you wherever the dad adventure takes you.

winning dad manual
the winning dad manual

Just in time for Father’s Day, Symon gives us his Top 10 Tips to being a winning dad! 

  1. Being a Dad begins in the first trimester not at birth.
  2. If you have a 2 door car sell it and replace with something “family orientated” .
  3. Shopping for baby gear requires compulsory attendance.
  4. Make sure vehicles always have more than half a tank of petrol so mum need not concern herself with this task.
  5. When in public make sure you keep an eye on surroundings just in case you need to deal with a nappy blowout.
  6. If heating milk always check temperature before giving to child.
  7. Try and turn household chores into fun or else your kids may think you are boring.
  8. Keep an eye on Grandma and Grandpa. They don’t love you as much anymore and are targeting to be very popular with your kids.
  9. Nothing wrong with using 15 baby wipes to get that tush super clean.
  10. Purchase the winning dad manual.


RRP $10.95

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