The Mum Hustle with SA Mums in Business

When the original founder of SA Mums in Business stepped aside from running the networking community and business directory for SA women, members Jess Engleson and Sandra Senn knew they couldn’t let that be the end of SA Mums in Business, but rather a new beginning. We chat with Sandra about what SA Mums in Business is all about, their plans to reinvigorate the brand and what Mums can expect when they sign up. 

Both running their own businesses alongside the juggle of motherhood, they also knew they couldn’t do it alone. Blessed with complementary skill sets, Sandra and Jess were a match made in heaven to run SA Mums in Business together. 

We chat with self described “mouth” of the pair, Sandra, about what SA Mums in Business is all about, their plans to reinvigorate the brand and what Mums can expect when they sign up. 

sa mums in business

Tell us about SA Mums in Business!

In the time since Jess and I have taken over, we’ve totally revamped what SA Mums in Business looks like and how it will run. Essentially, SA Mums in Business is a membership for women and mothers in business to help remove some of the overwhelm that can happen when you’re trying to run a business, a family and a household all at the same time. One night a week we bring a different expert in for live Q&A sessions,  we have resident experts on board; a business coach, a lawyer, accountants, marketing, copy and PR people, you name it. Every term will have a different theme that all draws back to helping women work on things that will make them money and not cause more overwhelm in their lives. That includes talking about managing relationships external to the business, dealing with kids… the business side is one of the main aspects yes, but we also want to work with mums on their life as a whole. There are a range of types of membership from basic membership right on through to our centre stage membership which is primarily for mums who want to move into their business full time. 

What’s the vision behind SA Mums in Business? 

When I started my business I made so many mistakes; I trusted the wrong people, paid the wrong people for things that I shouldn’t have. All of our experts have been vetted so you’re not paying money ten times over to get to the right person, all the ladies will get is quality.  Getting people to connect with each other is the main vision. We want to connect as many mums in their own business and help them get to where they want to be, to give them financial freedom. It’s all about helping women be successful in their business, removing the overwhelm, and getting where you want to be. 

sa mums in business

 What can mums expect when they attend an SA Mums in Business catch up? 

When you sign up you’ll be beautifully welcomed into the group. You’ll have access to our experts, as well as the timetable of what’s happening and when so you can make the most of what’s coming up on the calendar. We’re currently working with Funtopia to set up a one day a month co-op working space where mums can come with their child. The Nanny Diaries will be there to look after the kids, and mum can sit, get some work done, have a coffee, network, do whatever they need to do at that time.  

SA mums in business

Tell us how SA boss mums get involved?

Go to the website. DM us on Instagram or Facebook. Send it in a smoke signal, carrier pigeon, anything! Just get in touch! Mums are always welcome to come to a coffee catchup prior to signing up. 

To find out more about the supportive community of business savvy boss mamas:

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