Meet Olivia Jenkins, new owner of SA fashion label Indy + Eve

Olivia Jenkins Indy + Even
In just three years of working in e-commerce Olivia Jenkins has helped over 100 clients generate over $45 million in revenue, and she’s won 14 awards doing it.

Meet Olivia Jenkins, the woman who’s taking the fashion world by storm.

This superwoman and business consultant is the new owner of Indy + Eve, an online fashion store that’s been a huge hit since its founding in 2018 by Danni Jones. With over 100 clients under her belt and 14 awards to her name, Olivia has already made a name for herself in the e-commerce world. And now, she’s putting her expertise to work for her own passion project.

Indy and Eve
Indy + Eve has had a total of 27,500 customers over four years, with 30,000 orders.

Olivia has always had a love for fashion, and with her wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, she’s poised to take Indy + Eve to new heights. The business has already won over 27,500 customers and processed 30,000 orders, and with Olivia at the helm, it’s only going to get better. She’s introducing fresh ideas and a brand new ‘Curve’ collection that caters to a wider range of sizes.

Indy and Eve
Indy + Eve is available online or in store in the Barossa Valley

Having lived in Keith and mentored Danni through the early days of Indy + Eve, Olivia is honored to have taken over the business and bring it to her home in the Barossa Valley. She says, “It’s always been my dream to own my own business, and I can’t wait to see where I can take Indy + Eve and put my years of expertise into my own venture.”

As a mum of three, wife, and successful business consultant, Olivia is no stranger to juggling multiple roles. But with her passion for fashion and marketing, she’s ready to conquer the online fashion world with Indy + Eve. Get ready to be impressed!

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