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Every month I submit this column, I exceed the word count. If you know me in real life, and my tendency to tell very long winded, detailed stories including verbatim reports of what people said and an apparent total inability to live-edit my own anecdotes, this won’t surprise you. I promised myself that this month I wouldn’t subject everyone to another bruising session of Too Much Information, I’m coming up for air! With that being said, I’d love to hear from you. If you’ve read/watched/listened to or done any of the things I’ve recommended in this column over the last year or so, let me know what you thought! Send me an Instagram DM @eeniemeeniemineymum.

WATCH: The Final Quarter: the Adam Goodes documentary

Half a million viewers tuned in to The Final Quarter when it aired this year, if you weren’t one of them, I implore you to take the time to do so.
The film documents arguably one of the most shameful chapters in Australian sporting history; the booing and abuse Adam Goodes faced over the final seasons of his AFL career, eventually driving him into an early retirement. Using archival footage, it tracks Adam’s experience on the field and off, as he endured systematic bullying and racial vilification at the hands of spectators, the general public and the media, under the guise of “sporting culture”.
I watched the documentary with tears in my eyes, wracking my brains about how we as a nation can be better. You should too.
You can watch The Final Quarter online at 10PLAY

LISTEN: Sleep with Me podcast

The creator and host of the Sleep with Me podcast claims his voice is so boring listeners can’t stay awake when listening to it, and sir, I feel like my husband could host a podcast about cycling and achieve the same results.
Seriously though, fellow insomniacs come one, come all! This podcast is specifically designed to help you fall asleep. I’d love to give you a detailed rundown about the labyrinthine stories, the gravelly tone and maze-like monologues told, and wow you with the science behind how this all combines to lull you off to a restful slumber. But I can’t. I’ve literally never heard them past the first ten minutes. That’s right, this guy has achieved the impossible and overridden the reams of Eminem lyrics that suddenly pop into my head as I finally decide to hit the sack, and managed to bore me to sleep. Mission accomplished.
Available wherever you get your podcasts

DO: Lash out with Miss Eyelash

Ladies, I’m about to become your best friend. Or, Miss Eyelash is at any rate. I have forever lamented my pathetic inability to grow lashes (whilst simultaneously having no trouble growing leg hair, go figure) but have been very reluctant to dabble in the fine art of eyelash extensions because of all those twenty-something reality TV stars that look like they’re using tarantulas as eyepatches. But I’m here to tell you, lashes are the new boobs; not since I was a flat chested teenager have I been so obsessed with having a bigger, better pair. Miss Eyelash is what I like to elegantly call, the shiz. Specialising in natural looking lashes, you don’t walk out looking like a spidery lashed Bachelor contestant with eyeball verandas; instead you’re a subtly enhanced, school pick-up approved, fuller lashed version of yourself with a little bit of je ne sais quois. Exactly the look I was after.
What’s great about these extensions is that you have options; you’re not locked in to getting refills every month if you don’t have time or money for that sort of commitment, these are low maintenance lashes. You can have them applied as a one off, for a season or holiday (they last for about a month looking their best), or you can view it as an ongoing investment in not having to put mascara on every bloody day and have regular refill appointments. Emma from Miss Eyelash is a GURU, pioneering natural-look eyelash extensions in her exclusive salons in Melbourne, before moving to Adelaide and launching Miss Eyelash private suites in The Marina at Glenelg. You might not have considered lash extensions before; we’ve all seen how thick, badly applied, overly long lashes look (no thank you), these are not those lashes. Run, don’t walk!

Miss Eyelash @misseyelash


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