Name: Bianca Nilsson
Age: 22
Passion: Music

When Bianca Nilsson launched Renegade Records, the entrepreneur had no idea how to run a record label, but she taught herself through YouTube.
“I sign artists first for a single and if they’re happy to proceed we’ll distribute their music and create marketing campaigns, do all the digital assets, and book gigs, tours, also sync deals – just like the whole spectrum of everything music related,” she explains.
“We’ve actually got a song on an advertisement right now with Volkswagen that’s aired in Paris, and is bringing a lot of traction to one of the songs which has almost 150,000 streams on Spotify. It’s called ‘Freedom’ by one of my artist’s Matt Cue who is based in Detroit, Michigan. He reached out to me via email about two years ago and I really loved his music, so I hopped on a call and then signed him and we’ve been together ever since.”

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