Meet the Morse Wakelins

Rebecca Morse is a TV news presenter. James Wakelin is a producer at Nine News. Together, they have three beautiful daughters, Grace, Milla and Frankie. Then there’s a big lug in the form of a liver-spotted Dalmatian named Henley.

We sat down with this fun loving family and talked to them about some of their favourite things about living in Adelaide.

What are you known for?
Rebecca: Family activities coordinator, as well as documenting and curating family memories, including lots of Instagram posting!
James: Running and dad jokes.
Grace: Snapchatting my friends and playing music.
Milla: Farting.
Frankie: Being clumsy and messy.

Favourite spot in Adelaide?
Rebecca: Henley Beach, it’s our hood. We also love our friends’ holiday house at Goolwa.
James: Another vote for Henley Beach.
Grace: Second Valley.
Milla: The place with the rock pools (Second Valley).
Frankie: Horseshoe Bay.

Where can we find you on a Sunday morning?
Rebecca: Trying to sleep in. Then walking the dog along the beach with a coffee.
James: Running to Joe’s Kiosk.
Grace: Gilles Street Markets.
Milla: Riding my bike to Joe’s.
Frankie: On my scooter.

Frankie and Milla
Frankie and Milla

Tell us about a family ritual you love…
Rebecca: Reading books before bed.
James: Holding our breath driving through tunnels.
Grace: Friday night fish and chips.
Milla: When we do animal mimes before bed and we have to guess what they are.
Frankie: Playing the Pay Day board game.

Favourite fun family tradition?
Rebecca: Racing down to the beach to catch a good sunset in time.
James: Road trips.
Grace: WOMADelaide.
Milla: Easter at Goolwa.
Frankie: Going to the Royal Adelaide Show.

Best place to hang for coffee and ice cream?
Rebecca: The Middle Store, Coffylosophy, 303 By The Sea and Joe’s Kiosk. I drink a lot of coffee!
James: Joe’s Kiosk, Luigi’s.
Grace: 303 By The Sea.
Milla: The Middle Store.
Frankie: Joe’s Kiosk.

Meet the Morse Wakelins, Meaghan Coles Photography
Grace and her dog Henley

Favourite item at casa de Morse Wakelin?
Rebecca: The salt water lettering on our house, painted by my friend Emma Kate.
James: The couch, minus all the cushions.
Grace: My four-poster bed.
Milla: The iPad.
Frankie: Trampoline.

Describe the look of your house to someone who has never seen it.
Rebecca: Beachy bungalow.
James: Open plan and beachy.
Grace: Chic shack.
Milla: The place where I fart.
Frankie: Messy and fun.

Who do you like to hang out with the most?
Rebecca: I try to spend one on one time with all of the girls when I can.
James: Whoever will watch movies with me or come to the beach.
Grace: Frankie.
Milla: Henley.
Frankie: Grace.

The Family Room
The Family Room

Who is the funniest in the family?
Rebecca: Milla.
James: Milla.
Grace: Me.
Milla: Me.
Frankie: Milla.

Who is the messiest?
Rebecca: Frankie.
James: Frankie.
Grace: Frankie.
Milla: Frankie.
Frankie: *guilty smile*.

Who cooks the best meal? And what is it?
Rebecca: I’m not a great cook unfortunately so it’s my mum’s vegetarian lasagne and roast veggies.
James: My BBQ – and Bec’s salads, to make her feel better
Grace: My stir-fry.
Milla: My pancakes.
Frankie: Daddy’s burgers.


Best place to kit out the kids?
Rebecca: Friends and family! The girls are lucky to get lots of quality hand-me-downs.
James: Somewhere cheap.
Grace: Vintage markets.
Milla: Seed.
Frankie: My friend Matilda’s wardrobe.

What movie or TV show best describes your family?
Rebecca: Parenthood.
James: Modern Family.
Grace: Home Alone.
Milla: Stuck in the Middle.
Frankie: Peppa Pig.

All images via Meaghan Coles Photography

Meet the Morse Wakelins


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