Meet The Local Adelaide Lady Turning Grief into Hope with Her Book ‘Born To Fly’

Local Adelaide lady, Tamara Whittaker, is using her grief and suffering after heartbreakingly losing her son at 5 and a half months gestation, to raise awareness and help others through the indescribable trauma and grief of loss. Tamara has proudly written, illustrated and printed Born To Fly, a beautifully and delicately written story that aims to offer comfort and explain the feelings that may be associated with the loss of a baby, or sibling.

Tamara’s driving force behind writing the story and making it widely available was to provide hope and comfort, and ultimately strength through unity. By opening up the lines of communication and sharing the reality of loss, it alleviates the stigma and silence.

Born To Fly is written through the eyes of a child and not only invokes a sense of comfort, hope and understanding for parents, but can also provide incredible comfort for siblings who have gone through the experience with their parents yet may not have the capabilities of processing their feelings. Children understand stories through pictures better than verbal explanations. A picture book is comforting and can offer insight and explanations in what can be a very confusing and confronting time for children, and by having a story read to them, it allows them to make sense of what’s happening, their feelings and digest the information through pictures.

This beautiful book needs to be in the hands of everyone who has ever experienced the loss of a baby or child, or knows someone who has.

Born to Fly is available online at and in-store at Dymocks.

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