Meet Sonia from Mumma’s Own, Adelaide’s first Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner 

When Naturopath Sonia Tzerefos’ was pregnant with her second child, she and her husband thought they were pretty well prepared for the next challenges life would bring. They just didn’t realise how big the challenges that presented themselves were going to be. We chat with Sonia about her son's Autism diagnosis and how she has helped her family thrive by focusing on the importance of gut health.

“My husband and I had been living overseas for a number of years and had decided to return home to Australia to start a family. On returning we had our daughter who was of course ‘perfect’ and I began my journey into Naturopathy. It was when we had our son that our world was turned upside down.

Initially I didn’t know what was happening, everything about him was just so much more difficult than it had been with our daughter. People kept saying things like ‘he’s a boy, they’re harder, he’s fine’. But mother’s instinct knows best and I wasn’t satisfied with that”. 

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Just before he turned 3 years old, Zac was diagnosed with Autism. 

“When we did finally get the diagnosis it made me cry and feel relief all at the same time. Finally I knew what we were dealing with”. 

At this stage, Sonia’s business, Mumma’s Own, was still very general. Sonia was treating a variety of illnesses with Naturopathy, but wasn’t focussing on anything in particular. 

Once Zac was diagnosed that all began to change.

“I threw myself into my son’s therapy. I was treating him Naturopathically with nutrition and supplements and I was determined to have success. Slowly but surely our son went from a 3 year old boy with no communication or speech, would melt down multiple times per day for hours on end, who was constantly distressed and made it virtually impossible to leave the house… to a little boy who was calm, had developed some speech and was starting to communicate, was affectionate, making eye contact and suddenly going to the supermarket wasn’t such a stressful exercise.”

Sonia knew she wanted to share this success with others, so shifted the focus of Mumma’s Own and started treating children on the spectrum and their families.

Adelaide’s first Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner

“I trained to become Adelaide’s first GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner and implemented this nutritional protocol within our family before starting to use it with my patients. The results were mind boggling, with many of Zac’s therapists asking what it was that I was doing.

Since then the way I practice has completely shifted towards gut health and nutritional healing first and foremost. Gut health has a huge impact on our overall health and can be the difference in how we’re feeling and how we manage our day to day lives. 

Some of my patients started following my protocols and changing their children’s diets with a few following The GAPS Diet, but for those that couldn’t, I tailor made nutritional plans that would work for their family. Kids were improving and parents were thankful that they could see things changing.”

Mumma’s Own offered healthy nutritional recipes the whole family could enjoy but still addressed their individual health concerns. Watching her patients have success over and over again led Sonia to release the Mumma’s Own 6 Week Gut Reset Program

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Working with children on the spectrum

“Working with my families who have children on the spectrum, they’re experiencing the same things I have experienced and I have the unique perspective of totally understanding what it’s like when you’re unwell or are struggling with a child that’s either unwell, has Autism or is living with some other type of disability. There were times when I just couldn’t see clearly and thought that things were always going to be hard and I was never going to have a ‘normal’ life.

I’m here to tell you that things can change and they can get better.  Our own experience of what is ‘better’ will be different, but when you feel like you’re at your lowest point there’s no way but up.” 

To join the  Mumma’s Own tribe or for more information on the Mumma’s Own 6 Week Gut Reset Program:

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