Lindy Klim: Thoroughly Modern Mama

Thoroughly Modern Mama

When Lindy Klim started modelling in the late nineties – her lithe long limbs and exotic looks capturing the essence of modern Australia – she breezily mentioned in one of her very first interviews that she wanted to be a mother. “I want a big, huge family – I want four kids!” she recalls, laughing.

Fast forward twenty years and Lindy is not only a mum of four, she is an accomplished businesswoman, fashion designer and the embodiment of modern parenthood.

After a highly publicised marriage breakdown to Olympic swimmer Michael Klim, Lindy is happier than she has been in a long time. Together with new partner, property developer Adam Ellis, they welcomed a little girl, Goldie, into the world eight months ago. The newest addition to the Bali-based brood completes the family of photogenic siblings that include Stella, 12, Rocco, 10 and Frankie, 7.

Funny and disarmingly honest, Lindy speaks of a very real and relatable kind of family life: the juggle of managing multiple after school activities, navigating a new journey into joint custody arrangements and becoming a blended family. Initially fearful of how it might all work bringing a new baby into the family unit, her fears were allayed the moment Goldie arrived.

“Frankie in particular, is ‘obsessed’ with Goldie…but what’s nice is that there’s 3 kids that are the Klim’s, and now we’ve got Goldie and it’s just made our family closer and that’s really lovely,” she says. On being a blended family, Lindy explains they don’t talk about half-siblings, they’re simply brothers and sisters: “…we never say it, we never sort of mention it – sometimes there’s confusion over last names, but we’ll just manage that and get through it,” she says.

With Stella approaching her teens, Lindy is parenting at both ends of the spectrum, changing nappies one minute and chaperoning her eldest daughter on her very first date the next. Having Adam step in and take on the role as stepdad has only strengthened their family bond.

“Stella’s relationship with Adam is incredible. She’ll often text or call him before me, which is great as I know that sometimes I’m not always the best person to talk to.” she says.

While becoming a mother again at 40 is physically more demanding than the first time around, the experience of already being a mother has certainly had its advantages.

“When it’s your first, it can be so daunting and terrifying and you just don’t know what to expect. I think it’s been nice for Adam to see how my experience in having three other children before Goldie has made me so relaxed that it’s made it such a nice journey for the both of us.”

It certainly hasn’t slowed her down either, with several projects in the pipeline, including her own burgeoning fashion label, Rama Voyage. The collection of dreamy, resort style linen separates are effortlessly wearable and evoke the very global, free spirited lifestyle you imagine her to have.

“I want to set a really good example for my children. I want to work, I want things to be a success – I think it’s really important for them to see that. Having another child has definitely given me more courage to get things off the ground.”

She has also recently taken on an ambassador role for Peanut, the app that’s just launched in Australia and designed to reflect modern motherhood. Described as ‘Tinder for mums’ it offers a smart, mobile solution to connect mothers during what can be an incredibly isolating experience.

It’s a perfect fit for the busy mum, who credits Adam, her mum and support network in Bali as the ‘village’ helping to raise her tiny tribe in what’s been a hectic and intense few years. For now, the family are off on a new adventure together, heading to Europe and will spend time on a boat in Croatia. “Either the best or worst idea ever!” she laughs.

With Lindy and Adam designing and building their new family home together and the older children happily attending Bali’s world renowned sustainability-focused Green School, it certainly seems that life really has begun at 40.

Now armed with the emotional maturity to live her life with conviction, she’s learned to become more accepting of herself.

“It has been difficult and there has been a big change in myself that I’ve noticed since turning 40 and having Goldie. I’ve found it’s better to concentrate on yourself and what your journey is. It’s been a really big lesson for me, but it’s been a really important one,” says Lindy.

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time – it shows through the children, it shows through me. It’s beautiful. There’s nothing really worrying or troubling me – I feel really content.”

Lindy’s TIPS for travelling with children:

– Always make sure all your kids devices are fully charged before leaving! I’ve been caught out on this one before, so now I also like to travel with a power bank too, which is especially handy for any long haul flights. Just make sure you charge that one before leaving too!

– Ensure you have downloaded any movies, shows or games fully – not only so they can actually watch in flight, but to avoid any international data shock on your return.

– On a long haul flight, I like to pack a surprise small gift I can whip out at some point on the flight when I feel tensions rise. Nothing big, and preferably something relevant to the
trip, like a new diary, they can use for the holidays. That way I can encourage them to start on it straight away or distract them, even momentarily.

– Always pack spare clothes for everyone on your carry-on. It’s especially true now with Goldie and the myriad of accidents that occur with a baby or toddler, but also if your luggage gets lost or, there are delays and you need to freshen up.

– Kid sized headphones. Never rely on the airline ones, plus the kids ones are generally noise limiting and better for little ears anyway.

– Snacks. Mums wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without being armed with snacks as we go about our daily lives, but multiply this by 10 for any long haul flight.

– Organisation! An obvious one, but give yourself a time buffer for any bad traffic when making it to the airport and ample time to check in. There’s nothing worse than trying to hurry a tribe of small humans and getting completely worked up yourself in the process. That’s when things go wrong, like favourite toys getting left in taxis…

– Remember the magic! Flying is so exciting for the little ones: from going through scanners and getting their little inflight meals. You may have done it a thousand times, but try to see the experience through their eyes and it will become more enjoyable for you too.


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