Hire a Nan(ny)

Everyone loves a visit from Nan.

For kids, ‘Nan’s looking after you today’ means surprise candy, story reading and special hugs.

For parents, it means the eternal struggle- juggle and daily-dilemma of rising early to make breakfasts, packing lunches, school drop offs, peak-hour traffic, supermarket calls, homework, sports commitments, evening meals, bath time and bedtime is made that much easier.

Not all parents have the luxury of frequently calling on grandparents to help them… however, one new Adelaide business is changing that.

My Mémère offers all day care, after school care and evening and weekend care for children under the supervision of Nans themselves, because who has more child caring creds than an actual grandmother? Mémère nannies are mothers and grandmothers and have knowledge and experience that only years of spending time with children can bring.

While you’re saving some time to balance your lifestyle, My Mémère nannies can run errands, read stories, prepare school lunches and do school pick up/ drop o , in a way than only a nan can.


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