Get Around It: Edison Bridges

Meet Edison ‘Eddie’ Bridges (aka E.D. Bridges), an 18-year-old author from Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills on Peramangk Country.

Eddie has been writing stories since he was in primary school where he first attempted writing his own novel at just 10 years old. After a technical mishap that resulted in losing his first novel, Eddie switched his focus to creating comics in his free time. After taking a few years to hone his craft, Eddie wrote another novel at 13 years old, Eddie credits as the reason his most recent work Strings on Me has been published by a local publishing house.

After completing work experience with Dr Tanya Lyons of Moonglow Publishing, Eddie was inspired to finish his novel Strings on Me, that he’d been working on for the last three years. Once the novel was finished, Moonglow Publishing published Eddie’s novel as part of their Youth Writers Initiative. Since completing Strings on Me, Eddie has been exploring writing screenplays for film and television, scripts for plays, comics, and video games.

Eddie has had a long-standing passion for telling stories, and the ways that those stories can be presented to the world. He’s particularly drawn to creating characters and worlds that draw inspiration from the media that he already loves.

“Never let anything or anyone discourage you from doing what you want to do. It’s important to go at your own pace and never compare yourself to others. Practice makes improvement – be proud of your progress.”

To keep up with Eddie and what he’s writing next, follow him on Instagram: @eddie.writess

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