Edited Interiors: Toy Storage Ideas

Keeping kids’ bedrooms or playrooms looking organised and styled is a much easier task if you incorporate functional, fun and stylish storage solutions.

Here are Edited Interiors top organisation tips:

Categorise toys and group like with like so they are easier to find and easier to put away.

Use decorative baskets that tie into the existing styling of the room.

Create a bench seat with room for storage underneath. (The Ikea Kallax cube storage is perfect for this). A decorative pillow on top creates extra seating and adds some colour and style the storage cubes underneath with decorative baskets or books.

Felt pinboards are a great way to add a pop of colour to the room and are perfect for displaying treasured artworks, notes and photos.

Make the most of the space underneath the bed and use trundle storage drawers. Trundle drawers make for a great LEGO storage zone. Add a kid’s dustpan to the drawer to help make the chore of packing up the LEGO at the end of the day more fun for your little one.

If budget allows, consider built-in book cases and desks.

Use book shelves to display your child’s favourite books. Add a bean bag or floor pillows underneath to create a reading nook or corner.

If you have open shelving use baskets and boxes to keep things looking tidy.

Make sure you are using the space within your children’s wardrobes effectively. Give the wardrobes an edit and voila: extra space for toys can usually be found.

Label boxes and bins so the kids can easily find things and put them away.

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