Edited Interiors: It’s An Orderly Life

With seven children between them, Edited Interiors co-founders Nadia Yelland and Caroline Owler know just how much an organised home can contribute to a happy family life.

Meeting when their children started school together, the pair soon discovered a shared passion for creating beautiful homes and interior spaces. After years collaborating on styling and organising their own homes it was time to turn their hobby into a business. Thus, much to the delight of their friends and family, Edited Interiors was born.

Edited Interiors now offers home styling, product sourcing, editing and organising.

“We are professional organisers and stylists who believe that style and organised go hand in hand.” Nadia Yelland.

Caroline and Nadia’s top tips for an organised and stylish pantry

1. Use clear storage containers.

Decant items like flour, sugar, rice, pasta, nuts and cereals into clear airtight containers. They make it easy to see what you have left and what you need to stock up on.

2. Like with like

Use storage bins or baskets to group similar things, such as snacks or tinned goods. Also try to keep together items that you use together, like baking goods or spices.

3. The right containers for your space

Look at the space you have and choose your storage containers accordingly. Although large baskets and delicate glass jars might look great in a large walk in pantry it probably won’t be suitable nor functional in a small pantry. Aesthetically, stick to two or three types of containers, bins or baskets as this instantly helps to make your pantry look and feel more organised.

4. Lazy susans / turntables

Lazy susans and turntables are perfect for storing sauces, oils and spreads you use frequently and are also great for those under-utilised corners in the back of the cupboard.


Label as much as you can! Labelling all your containers, baskets and canisters helps to make sure items are easily identified and everything has a home.

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