At home with Jules Sebastian

We were lucky enough to chat with Jules on our podcast KIDDO Chats, and it was like sitting down with an old friend. She regaled us with stories about growing up in Adelaide, and shared her insights about parenting and motherhood, as well as what’s coming up for Jules and her family for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

If you ask us, there’s not a lot that Jules Sebastian can’t do. She’s a TV presenter, stylist, public speaker and philanthropist, a mum to 2 gorgeous boys, adored wife of Aussie music legend Guy Sebastian, and, just quietly, probably one of the best people you’ll ever follow on Instagram.

But beyond all that, Jules is also down to earth, relatable and warm, intelligent and well versed in so many topics; from female empowerment to teamwork, from health and lifestyle, to fashion and beauty.

We were lucky enough to chat with Jules on our podcast KIDDO Chats, and it was like sitting down with an old friend. She regaled us with stories about growing up in Adelaide, and shared her insights about parenting and motherhood, as well as what’s coming up for Jules and her family for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

At home with Jules Sebastian

How are you guys coping in this mid-pandemic world?

Yeah, it’s been a year. Hasn’t it really just been one for the books? We’re doing really well. The kids have gone back to school thankfully, so we got through home-schooling. That felt probably like one of the toughest moments only because… I’m not a teacher! Archie has just started kindergarten this year, so he didn’t know anything like how to read or write, so he really needed my hand to hold the whole way through. And then I’ve got Hudson who’s in year three, who also is quite demanding, not independent at all in the classroom. So, it just was overwhelming, and everybody just needed everything.

I think in hindsight I probably should have given myself a bit more of a break and not been so stressed out about ticking all the boxes and getting everything done because we got through it, and everyone’s fine, and people still know how to read and write and we’re good! So, in hindsight I wish I just didn’t stress out as much, but I felt the panic of like…this is it, you know, I’m their teacher and they have to know things! And English is very hard. I’ve discovered it’s a hard language to learn! I feel like life is starting to get back to this new normal that everyone is talking about though, and we’ve been surprisingly quite busy!

Jules Sebastian Podcast

You grew up in Adelaide. Can you tell us about growing up here?

Oh, I love Adelaide! I absolutely loved my childhood and growing up in Adelaide. I lived in the same house my whole life in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide, down the road from Tea Tree Plaza. The McDonald’s there on the corner, that was my first job when I was 15. I worked there part time, at $60.00 a week and I thought I was so rich. We lived in a cul-de-sac, just me, my two brothers, my mum and dad and the street was just full of other kids my age. We all went to the same local school and we’d all walk to school together and home again and ride our bikes. We had a creek at the end of our street, mum would let us ride bikes to the end of the street and play in the creek and come back… and those were kind of the rules of the road. It was a very simple happy life, I loved it. I loved having my friends in the street to play with. I loved that the school was so local and that everybody I knew went to the same school. It was great. We went to church every Sunday, it was just a fundamentally good, solid upbringing and I loved every minute of it. I can’t fault it. I truly can’t.

Jules Sebastian Guy Sebastian kids

What’s your parenting approach? Are you strict? Do you have a good cop? Bad cop with between you and Guy?

I feel like we are each a bit of both. I’m probably around the kids more than Guy so I have to be good and bad cop, I have to be the good time that takes them bike riding and to all their sporting events and be the cheerleader, and I really try hard at creating fun moments and memories and to take them places and be involved. But on the other hand, because I am with them all the time I’m also the dictator of the schedule. So it’s like, we’re up for breakfast! We’re getting dressed! And we’re really working on being a bit more independent right now, so I’m getting them to get their own breakfast, clean their own bowls or put them in the dishwasher, and get themselves dressed. I’m starting to try and get them to be a bit more responsible and independent in that way. But then…I still have to drive that whole bus, you know, because no one remembers anything, I have to! I remind them of everything!

And then discipline, that comes down to both me and Guy. It sort of depends on who’s there in the moment and who’s done the naughty thing. So if I’m there I’m obviously gonna deal with it. We are quite strict. I will say, they don’t get away with much ’cause I just I don’t want naughty kids, I don’t. I don’t want spoiled, rude kids with no manners and no morals, I’m very, very passionate about that. My kids have a lot in their life, so we are very aware of that, we want to make sure that they also know that they have to have their two feet on the ground. They are just the same as everybody else there, they’re not special, they are the same. We work very hard at giving them a great life…obviously, and a lot of fun, but also giving them responsibilities and earning their way in life. It’s a hard balance, but we’re figuring it out just like everybody else.

What does Christmas look like for the Sebastian family this year?

This year we are all going home to Adelaide to be with the extended family. It will be so nice to be with everyone after so many months of not being able to get to each other. To end this crazy year, we are going to eat our faces off and simply enjoy each other’s company… and we are very excited as Guy’s youngest brother who lives in Adelaide is having his first baby!

Do you have any annual family Christmas traditions?

Oh yes we do! I love getting really creative with Elf on the Shelf for the kids (is it actually more fun for me? …perhaps). Sebastian’s LOVE food. We eat a tonne of it: turkey and all the fixings, and a lot of gatherings and platters. I love decorating the table. I must say that the boys know that decorating the Christmas Tree and wrapping the presents is Mummy’s job only! Don’t touch my things boys!

You’ve written a book! Tea and Honesty by Jules Sebastian, which is due out next year – tell us about it! What can we expect?

Yes I have – I still can’t believe it! This book is very personal to me. This book is not so much a guide to how to live your life, but it’s more of an offering of lessons learned along the journey – from my own life and from other successful people – that I have been able to apply to my own life. I am so grateful to not only have walked my own personal journey, but have the opportunity to write it down and share with others. I am very humbled.

This is just a snippet of the interview we did with Jules Sebastian on our podcast KIDDO Chats!

Head on over to your podcast app and listen to KIDDO’s Liv Williams interviewing Jules, she is not only an absolute delight to listen to, but also (hot tip!) gives us a never-before-shared game changing makeup recommendation exclusive to KIDDO Chats!


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