al.ive body baby: for little ones

Design experts and TV personalities Alisa and Lysandra Fraser have welcomed a new addition to their al.ive body hair and body care range - and it’s for the soft and sensitive skin of the smalls in our lives. We chat with Alisa and Lysandra about creating the body range, their success in business and following their passions, as well as what’s next for them in 2021 and beyond. 
al.ive baby

You are both incredibly accomplished business women. What are your tips for other mothers wanting to start their own business or side hustle? 

For the two of us, nothing can be achieved without pure passion. Whatever the goal is – helping others, creating a legacy, expressing yourself – be single-minded with your dream and relentless in achieving it is key. We had such a clear vision of the brand that we didn’t waver from, so it helps to put time and patience into planning. Of course, there are sacrifices and unavoidable disappointments, but as long as you can learn from them, you’re always moving forward. Having a handful of baby-sitters help too! 

What does a day look like for you guys as working mothers? 

Like most mums, it’s an artful juggling act and often chaotic but if it ends with a glass of wine or a movie with the kids we’re happy. Typically, we both train before work followed by the school drop off, but back in the office any given day is different. We could be shooting as brand ambassadors, working on new product development for al.ive body, designing for our interior business Alisa + Lysandra, shooting for our Design Duo series or launching a new product line, like al.ive body baby. 

How did you get interested in producing a line of body products in the first place? 

Design is a profession, but personal care with positive environmental impact is our passion. 

The al.ive body range was also born out of necessity. During our interior projects, we regularly struggled to find bathroom and kitchen styling products that offered purity of ingredients and looked beautiful. The market was saturated with brands that placed major emphasis on either aesthetic or formula, but rarely both. So after 18 months of intense iteration and exploration, the range is aimed for people just like us – people who value high-end design, natural ingredients and care for the environment. 

There’s more the love than the packaging, the bottles are 100% recyclable too, and we’ll be introducing refill pouches soon. Plus, for every purchase made, we fund the planting of an Australian tree through our partner One Tree Planted – so far there’s been over 50,000…and counting. Our plan is to fund an al.ive body forest and we’re well and truly on our way. 

The products are made with essential oils and naturally derived. Why are natural products important to you as mothers? 

We want our children to be healthy inside and out, so the whole range is vegan, free from synthetic fragrance, dyes and palm oil, SLS/SLES, parabens, silicones and harsh detergents. Instead, they use the power of botanical ingredients. By choosing natural ingredients, we’re enhancing positive impact on skin and reducing negative impact on our planet. 

al.ive body baby

What were the key factors for you in developing a range that was good for babies and littlies, but also appealed to the parents? 

As most parents will know, bath time can be a nightmare if you’re not organised, so it was crucial we included design features that worked in favour for mum or dad who are strapped for time and don’t have enough limbs. For example, the pump-top lids and no-slip tray for our Wash & Lotion Duo are perfect for one-hand pumps next to the bath, and the no-mess flip caps for the Nursing and Nappy Balm. 

Our ingredient selection was also really important that it was gentle and nourishing for young skin. We chose Jojoba oil for restorative abilities, while having a calming and soothing effect due to its close similarity to that of skins own oil (sebum). Calendula extract is rich in antioxidants that protect skin cells from damage that can cause dullness, dryness or irritation. Sweet almond oil helps restore moisture in skin’s uppermost layers which keep it smooth, hydrated and healthy looking. 

alive body baby

What’s next for you two? 

A very robust calendar which includes a mix of design-related projects including two series of Design Duo, which is our mini series documenting our design and build projects. On the al.ive body front, to say we’re excited about new product developments is an understatement, including expanding the baby range. Stay tuned! 

The al.ive body baby range includes baby hair & body wash, baby body lotion, baby nursing balm and nappy cream.

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