Best shows for kids and families at Adelaide Fringe 2024

If you're looking for an Adelaide Fringe 2024 show fit for the whole family from the youngest to the oldest in tow, you've come to the right place because we've rounded up all the best ones.

It’s that glorious time of year again – Adelaide Fringe is almost upon us! From February 16th to March 17th, the city will be transformed into a vibrant hub of creativity, with performances, exhibitions, and events for everyone. And for families, the Adelaide Fringe is a treasure trove of fun and wonder, with shows that will captivate kids of all ages.

But with so much to choose from, where do you even begin? Worry not, we’ve scoured the Adelaide Fringe program to bring you a selection of the top shows for kids and families, guaranteed to spark imaginations and create lasting memories.

Kids and family shows at Adelaide Fringe 2024:

Brilliant Bubbles

Dr Hubble is Australia’s favorite bubble man, he has mesmerised audiences in over 30 countries throughout his nearly 30-year career. With a captivating ability to manipulate simple soap bubbles, Dr. Hubble crafts extraordinary moments of wonder, featuring unique creations like square and octagon bubbles, chimneys, and explode-a-bubbles. This show, offering a mix of fun, humor, and a subtle sustainability message, is a true spectacle that must be seen to be believed. From creating bubbles children and adults have never seen before to enclosing one lucky child inside a massive bubble, Dr. Hubble’s performances are a delightful and educational journey into the enchanting world of bubbles.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Vault at Fool’s Paradise

The Revolting Children of Tomorrow

The Revolting Children of Tomorrow takes you on a journey from the dark streets of New York City to the bright lights of Broadway. Meet Annie (Kimora Njoroge) and Matilda (Zoe Burns) who are dreaming of leaving behind their revolting, hard-knock life to become stars. The Revolting Children of Tomorrow features songs and characters from beloved musicals including CATS, GREASE and more.

This is a show for children and the whole family with lots of opportunities to get up and sing and dance with our cast of 25 talented performers. This original production directed, choreographed and produced by Star Academy had its Adelaide Fringe debut in 2018 with a sell out season.

The Revolting Children returns in 2024 to bring a new generation of children music, laughs and heartwarming moments.

Sunday 18th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Peacock at Gluttony

A Circus Sized Game Show

Step right up to A Circus Sized Game Show, the One-Of-A-Kind Choose-Your-Own-Adventure spectacle in the iconic Vault. Hosted by the Multi-Award-Winning One-Man-Circus himself, the incredible Morgan James! Get ready for an unpredictable, Laugh-Out-Loud adventure that’s different every time!

You choose the acts, play the games and win the prize of an unforgettable unique show!

Morgan James is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences of all ages as he guides you through a show filled with surprises and laughter with his fusion of circus artistry, larrikin comedy, and audience participation. This family-friendly showman is one of the highest-awarded family entertainers in Australia.

Saturday 16th of March – Sunday 17th of March

The Vault at Fool’s Paradise

The Pinky Pie Party

The Pinky Pie Party is back! The only show in the Fringe by kids for kids, (with assistance from the producers of Blanc de Blanc, Limbo and the Kids Comedy Gala.)

DJ Alba Lorca is a year older and is ready to prove that seven-year-olds actually throw the BEST parties.

You can expect special effects, balloons, craft, face paint, the Paw Patrol theme song, and to feel so good you’ll be doing confetti angels on the floor.

Four shows only, don’t miss out!

Saturday 2nd of March – Sunday 10th of March

The Box at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Amazing Drumming Monkeys – 20 Year Anniversary Show

The Monkey Show is now 20 YEARS OLD!!! And still going stronger than ever.

Australia’s favourite little kids’ puppet show is back in the Garden of Unearthly Delights for another fabulous fringe season. This is a “must see” for families with young children.

A clever combination of puppetry, live music, comedy, and heart-warming themes.  It’s a funny and engaging show for the whole family.  Funny monkeys for the kids, great drumming for the adults, variety segments for all ages, and a message for the world.

SOLD OUT in 2023!  Toddlers, little kids and parents will be laughing, dancing and drumming together!  It’s a fantastic show.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Factory at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

PreHysterical Adelaide Fringe

PreHysterical Circus

Cirque Du Soleil meets the Flinstones!

A hilarious circus show for children and parents of all ages following three foolish Neanderthals as they struggle to survive the harsh natural world.

Avoiding predators, navigating harsh environments and learning to work together are all explored with marvellous circus skills and hilarious slapstick comedy. With truly incredible circus and tongue-in-cheek humour for the adults, PreHysterical is something everyone will enjoy.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Vault at Fool’s Paradise

Mr Snotbottom vs The Zombie Boogers: The Science of Snot!

Can fringe favourite Mr Snotbottom stop an army of barbaric boogers and monster mucus from suffocating the planet with foul phlegm?! What is mucus? Why do we sneeze? What happens when you eat your boogers? Explore the science of snot, excite in ewwwy, gooey experiments and giggle at grosstastic gags in this hilariously silly, slimy sci-fi perfect for kids ages 6 and up!

So come aboard a talking space craft and actually experience what it would be like to shrink down and journey into the gnarly nasal passage with some snotty special effects and stupendously slimy puppets in a high energy interactive show where YOU get to be a part of the adventure.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Umbrella Revolution at The Garden of Unearthly Delights


Step into a fantastical world filled with frivolity, feats, and fun in our ‘CIRCUS OF F[ACT]S’. Be prepared for fearlessly fabulous acrobats and freakishly funny fools in a fusion of fantasy and reality, where the fabulous unfolds before your eyes. Get ready to be flabbergasted, for this is a once-in-a-lifetime festival of ‘F’ that you won’t want to miss!

Cirqular Entertainment presents a cast of internationally performing and home-grown artists showcasing a diverse range of talents including quick-change acts, breathtaking aerial acrobatics, cube juggling, mesmerising cyr wheel performances and much more! A must-see circus show for the young and young at heart!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Vault at Fool’s Paradise

You are A Doughnut Adelaide Fringe

You Are a Doughnut

From the creators of The Alphabet of Awesome Science comes a multi-award winning show for the entire family…

You are a doughnut! It’s true! YOU are a great big fleshy lump with a remarkable hole running all the way through your middle — your digestive system.

Join biology teachers Oesoph A. Gus and Dewey Dean as they embark upon an utterly entertaining all-singing, all-dancing (and all-clowning!) exploration of every twisting tube and remarkable organ — with sketches, songs, and sensational science.

It’s a little bit gross — and a hole lotta fun!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The May Wirth at Gluttony

Adelaide Fringe 2024: The Giant Balloon Show, Fool's Paradise

The Giant Balloon Show

Having toured Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, Dizzy O’Dare is finally coming to Australia!

The Giant Balloon Show will have you in stitches and awe – expect balloons, a banging ’80s soundtrack, audience participation and the all-important GIANT BALLOON! This is non-stop fun for the whole family.

Dizzy is an award-winning performer and has been delighting audiences around the globe since 2009. Producing shows from the weird to the wonderful, the silly to the sublime.

“Everyone knows when Dizzy is playing as you hear the cheers right across the site.” Brighton Spiegeltent Producer 2023

Saturday 24th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Bunker at Fool’s Paradise

Fringe for kids adelaide fringe 2023

Fringe for Kids

Fringe For Kids is the newest family friendly variety show, bringing the best acts for kids, performed by the most talented artists in town. Each show is different with a fresh new line up every day! Promising fits of giggles and awe-inspiring stunts, reach into the lucky dip that is The Fringe for Kids Roadshow and be delighted by what you’ll find.

Enjoy a little bit of everything including circus, dance, drag, music, magic and comedy. Perfect for a family outing at the festival!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Octagon at Gluttony

Adelaide Fringe 2024: 101 Ways to Annoy your Parents and Other Really Old People

101 Ways to Annoy your Parents and Other Really Old People

Title says it all! (EVIL LAUGH)

Don’t worry, I’ll also teach the parents how to annoy their kids as well.

From Multi Award winning kids comedian Matty Grey.

Laugh your guts out of your butt hole as he brings the chaos of his mind to the Adelaide Fringe.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 3rd of March

The May Wirth at Gluttony

Signor Baffo

Making its Australian debut having toured the UK since 2013, lauded by kids everywhere: it’ll ‘blow your head off’ (Kai, aged 7).

There’s chaos in the kitchen when Signor Baffo’s left in charge! All the answers to all the most important questions of the day are revealed in the charming culinary chaos of Signor Baffo’s kitchen: What’s the best way to mix meatballs with spaghetti? How do you make a chicken lay an egg? And how exactly does a sausage roll? In this supremely silly interactive children’s show, expect generous helpings of fun, mischief and adventure.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Ukiyo at Gluttony

Amazing, Silly, Big Stupid Comedy Game show for Kids and their Grown Ups

The is the show for all the family, whether you’re a small human or a big person!

In this ultimate fun and stupid game show, YOU can help by taking part in a variety of games, comedy challenges, and general silliness to help your team captains win the day, and avoid the horrible, nasty (but budgetary limited) forfeit for not being the best.

And your team captains are both international touring comedians, who’ve traveled all the way from New York and London for this, Katharyn Henson and Nik Coppin, so you’d better make it worth the flights and help them win.

Hosted by comic, kids entertainer and Adelaide Fringe regular Ollie Horn, who really should know better… and will be trying to remember the amazing, silly, big stupid comedy challenges and games, that’ll be different each weekend.

Saturday 2nd of March – Sunday 17th March

The Piglet (open-air) at Gluttony

Monski Mouse’s Baby Cabaret

Join Monski Mouse and her super talented friends, for a live musical sing-a-long cabaret of nursery classics, song, puppetry and bonkers fun for 0-5s and their parents. All the big topics covered: elephants, fish, wiggly worms, transport and the existential ways of the toddler.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Spiegel Zelt at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall

Why toddle when you can dance? Join DJ Monski Mouse and her Dancers for a session of bonkers, bopping family fun. This international hit kids show, lets parents and 0-5’s loose on the dance floor in this friendliest of discos. Expect high-energy smiling to retro beats and thumping nursery rhymes. Get your disco-dancing booties on!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Best Adelaide Fringe shows for kids and families: Mario the Marker Magician

Mario the Maker Magician

Robots and magic and slapstick… oh my! Contagiously upbeat and full of heart, the ever-endearing Mario leads you through a romping explosion of energy and belly laughs punctuated with moments of heart and emotion that will catch you by surprise. Not “just a kids’ show,” this is an all-ages theater experience… for adults, kids, families… everyone.

Mario the Maker Magician weaves through a world of vaudeville and magic, cardboard and robots, science and innovation, to instill a positive message that will last in the minds and hearts of all who partake in the hour-long journey together.

Mario has also appeared on Sesame Street, Universal Kids, and live on tour with David Blaine.

Friday 16th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Roundhouse at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Gluttony: Bubba-Licious


Yes, it’s a show for babies!

A sensory display of colour, sound, light & movement to spark joy and ignite wonder. Incorporating puppetry, clowning, bubbles, shadow play & much more.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Ukiyo at Gluttony

Family-Friendly Fringe: Bubble Laboratory Bubble Show

Bubble Laboratory’s Bubble Show

Brand New Bubble Show for 2024

Fringe Favourites Dr Bubble, Milkshake and Mini Milkshake are back and taking bubbles out of this world.

It’s more than a bubble show – it’s a bubble adventure! Come see shadow bubbles, light bubbles, square bubbles, smoke bubbles, spinning carousels, track bubbles, vortexes, bubble puppets, giant bubble tubes and a million-bubble finale.

Seen on China, Romania and Bulgaria’s Got Talent, FRINGE WORLD Children’s Event Weekly Award winners Dr Bubble and Milkshake are back in Perth after an amazing European tour and a sold out season at Edinburgh Fringe.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The May Wirth at Gluttony

Family-Friendly Fringe: Circus the Show


Roll up! Roll up! Prepare to enter a world of whimsy, wonder and amazement where your imagination will soar like never before, in this completely re-imagined family circus spectacular!

After a complete SELL-OUT season in 2023, CIRCUS is officially heading back to Adelaide with a family spectacle that is truly not to be missed! Featuring world-class illusions, tumbling acrobats, highly skilled jugglers, breath-taking and elegant aerialists, an endearing clown with his GIGANTIC 6ft balloon, and enough side-splitting comedy to send any grown man running for the toilet!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Moa at Gluttony

Adelaide Fringe 2024: Game on 4: BOSS LEVEL, Gluttony


Matty Grey is heading back to GAME LAND one final time.

Joined by an elite team of gamers, Matty and the audience must battle their way through 5 Boss levels to get to the MEGA BOSS OF ALL VIDEO GAMES. ‘Boss Level’ pits the best video game VILLIANS from past, present and future against the audience in a series of live action games.

Not everyone will make it – Those who do will be showered with glory, those who don’t will be left on the side of the road to wallow in misery!!!! So everybody grab your Nerf Blaster and strap in for a roller coaster ride of UNLIMITED ADVENTURE!

Saturday 9th of March – Sunday 17th of March

The May Wirth at Gluttony

Family-Friendly Fringe: Justin's Big Balloon Show

Justin’s BIG Balloon Show

Prepare to be swept off your feet as the masterminds behind the Fringe Family favourites –  “CIRCUS • The Show” & “The Greatest Magic Show” – present an extraordinary stage show like no other! Led by the incredible Justin, WINNER of TV show ‘Blow Up!’, this show is bursting with grand illusions, thrilling circus stunts and, of course, Justin’s signature BIG balloon creations that have to be seen to be believed!

For the first time ever in Adelaide, this show appeals to every single audience member – regardless of age! Come discover just what is possible when a master of magic, circus and balloons combines these artforms in an enthralling 60 minute spectacular!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The May Wirth at Gluttony


The maddest of mad scientists, Magnus Danger Magnus, heads to Adelaide Fringe for the very first time with a brand new, all ages electromagnetic extravaganza in KABOOM! He’s exploded his way across the country, lighting fires on stage and setting kids’ curiosity ablaze; now he’s built a fascinating new set of gizmos and gadgets guaranteed to electrify!

Chaotic mayhem abounds in this stunningly stylish S.T.E.M. show with 10 times the spectacle and 20,000 times the voltage of the science classes at school! This is an absolutely feast for the senses, and educational entertainment at its absolute best!

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

The Kingfisher at Gluttony

Kids Can Heckle!

Fun for the whole family, but especially fun for the little ones! Top UK stand-up Ollie Horn (“Ollie Horn is a gifted storyteller” Wee Review) attempts to tell the same clean stand-up that he does around the world.

The only thing that can stop him is the imagination of your kids, who at any point are allowed, no, encouraged to jump in and be as silly as possible!

A chaotic, interactive, wholesome, and hilarious hour of comedy that provides genuine entertainment for everyone in the room. It’s a stand-up show that kids control!

Best shows for kids and families Adelaide Fringe: Cosmo's Magical Box Show

Cosmo’s Magical Box Show

Roll up, roll up and let Cosmo entertain you with magic, comedy, music and dance. After many years of Busking and hosting kids parties, Cosmo has perfected the art of pure, light-hearted entertainment.

Be enchanted by his charismatic personality and join in the antics of a fun filled show. A bit of fun and magic is a perfect show for the whole family.

Saturday 17th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Comedy Hub at ibis Bar/Restaurant

Gluttony: Art-Chery

Art-Chery Range

Returning to Gluttony this year is the Art-Chery range. Take aim with paint-dipped arrows and experience the satisfying SPLAT as they hit the canvas. Plus, take your masterpiece home.

The Range is open on Fridays from 5pm-10pm and on weekends from 12pm.

Friday 16th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Gluttony, Rymill Park

Adelaide Fringe 2024: Dart Blaster Arena, Gluttony

Dart Blaster Arena

Gluttony is home to the regular Fringe favourite, the Dart Blaster Arena; aka the most fun your kiddo is ever going to have! The arena offers Nerf-crazy kids a sample of the buffet of toy blasters available.

The Arena is fired up on weekends from 11am-5:45pm and is a convenient space to tuck the kids while parents relax for a chat over a glass of vino from the numerous bars around the park.

Friday 16th of February – Sunday 17th of March

Gluttony, Rymill Park

Squishy Taylor and the City-Wide Ghost Plague

Are you searching for a thrilling and captivating activity that will keep your entire family on their toes? Look no further than Squishy Taylor and the City-Wide Ghost Plague – an incredible adventure delivered straight to your door! With this at-home experience, you will be sent a mysterious package filled with cryptic clues and puzzles, all aimed at uncovering the truth behind the spooky apparitions that have been spotted around the city.

Based on the much-loved books by Ailsa Wild, you undertake Squishy from the comfort of your home at your convenience. Complete the puzzles, unlock the next chapter and get one step closer to solving the mystery.

Available from 16th of February

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